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Islam and Terrorism - Intellectual Terrorism

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Intellectual Terrorism

There is another kind of terrorism in Islam:  intellectual terrorism.  Islam is a prison with no way out.  Once a person enters that prison, he cannot leave it alive.  In Islam, the democratic right to free thought and individual decision concerning religious matters is totally denied.  We have more than one example of this intellectual terrorism, I will mention but a few.

The first is Salman Rushdie.  Salman Rushdie was born to a Muslim family in Bombay, but spent much of his life in London, England.  He wrote a book entitled The Satanic Verses.  Muslims though this book was an insult to the Prophet Muhammad and Islam.  So Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini issued an order to assassinate Rushdie and promised $5 million to the one who would kill him.  Khomeini, Iran’s spiritual leader at that time, said in a statement read for him on the radio in 1989: “Anyone who died attempting to kill Rushdie,” he promised, “would go straight to paradise.”  Rushdie’s head is very expensive!!

The second is Dr. Farag Foda, the great author who was assassinated in Cairo, Egypt in 1993 because he wrote many books exposing the true face of Islam and Islamic society.  He was accused of being an apostate Muslim and was shot and killed in front of his son.

The third is Professor Nasr Hamid Abu Zeid, who was accused of being an apostate Muslim because of his books about the Koran.  The court in Egypt ruled that he must divorce his wife, Ibihal Younes.  He fled from Egypt and is now living with his wife in Holland.

The fourth is the well-known Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz, who became the first Egyptian to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.  Muslims stabbed him in front of his house in an attempt to kill him.  The man is over 80 years old.  They wanted to kill him because they thought that he insulted Muhammad in his novel, The Children of Gabalawi.   It is of great importance for any American or any secular Muslim to know what kind of society he or she will live in if fundamentalist Muslims rule.

Psychological Terrorism
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