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Was Muhammad a true prophet? Administrator 130576
Challenging the validity of that spirit Administrator 7577
The authority of Mohammed Administrator 9038
Is Mohammed like Moses? Administrator 13798
Miracles of Mohammed Administrator 13864
Is Mohammed the comforter, the Holy Spirit? Administrator 13717
How did Mohammed die? Administrator 63475
Prophecies about the coming of Mohammed and the Koran Administrator 8667
Is there are prophecies concerning Mohammed in the Bible? Administrator 10273
The difference between Mohammed's life and Christ's life Administrator 17924

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  • Was Muhammad a true prophet?
    I would like you to show me even one place where the Bible was corrupted. This is simply not true, Waseem.
  • Christ's death on the cross
    Sandro Luciani
    why allah does not say who or what was on the cross? maybe judas or simon or a disciple or a phantom etc... the answer ...
  • How did Mohammed die?
    Every Ancient Isolated Culture Created Gods
  • Was Muhammad a true prophet?
    Lol @Bible Guy You haven't read the Quran once and claiming that arrival of Jesus will prove it wrong. It's also written ...
  • How did Mohammed die?
    I believe most muslims knows the truth about islam but some are scared of leaving the religion because they believe they ...