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Was Muhammad a true prophet? Administrator 78787
Challenging the validity of that spirit Administrator 6810
The authority of Mohammed Administrator 7818
Is Mohammed like Moses? Administrator 11527
Miracles of Mohammed Administrator 12545
Is Mohammed the comforter, the Holy Spirit? Administrator 11051
How did Mohammed die? Administrator 39537
Prophecies about the coming of Mohammed and the Koran Administrator 7749
Is there are prophecies concerning Mohammed in the Bible? Administrator 9190
The difference between Mohammed's life and Christ's life Administrator 14978

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    Karaz Bishara
    Izaan, those come from the New Testament and they say the same thing in English as the original languages. Since both the ...
  • Muslim's Paradise, and Christian's Heaven
    Barry Gaines
    I believe that no matter whether the bible or the Quran that the promise of heaven is present and open to interpretation ...
  • Was Muhammad a true prophet?
    John Roberts
    How little thinking goes into being Muslim. It's blind acceptance of a man and a book and an alleged angelic appearance.
  • Was Muhammad a true prophet?
    Al hajji Allah
    Read more my brother and understand. Mohammad is successiful in what? Defilement, rape, promising wine and 72 women in ...
  • Was Muhammad a true prophet?
    Al hajji Allah
    If the choice is, me to go to the Heaven of Allah, where they promise wine, 72 vergines etc etc, I rather not go there. God ...