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Is Islam a divine religion? Administrator 13189
Radical differences between Islam and Christianity Administrator 18168
Christ's death on the cross Administrator 9679
Why Called Issa? Administrator 6620
Muslim's Paradise, and Christian's Heaven Administrator 72256
Difference between Islam in the West and the Middle East Administrator 13049
Why are people not aware of this difference? Administrator 5612
Christian freedom and Islamic bondage Administrator 9405
Opening churches to Muslim worship Administrator 8538
Islamic society Administrator 9025

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  • Muslim's Paradise, and Christian's Heaven
    Nawal, You have not entered into the experience of the all powerful. None of us has. But what's to say that He couldn't and ...
  • Muslim's Paradise, and Christian's Heaven
    Nawal, You are presuming on the all powerful. Is there anything He cannot do? If He does love wouldn't His love be infinite ...
  • How did Mohammed die?
    The Messiah which some refer to as the Christ & others jesus wouldn't be a good comparison for a sexually intimate ...
  • Reading the Quran
    Remember no matter what you may believe or how low you have been beaten, God loved you so much that He sent His only ...
  • Reading the Quran
    He suffered like any man would if he had his flesh ripped off of his bones like Jesus had his flesh battered for us. His ...