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Is Islam a divine religion? Administrator 12424
Radical differences between Islam and Christianity Administrator 17050
Christ's death on the cross Administrator 9077
Why Called Issa? Administrator 6283
Muslim's Paradise, and Christian's Heaven Administrator 61583
Difference between Islam in the West and the Middle East Administrator 12719
Why are people not aware of this difference? Administrator 5337
Christian freedom and Islamic bondage Administrator 8715
Opening churches to Muslim worship Administrator 8306
Islamic society Administrator 8394

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  • Miracles of Mohammed and Christ
    Karaz Bishara
    My friend, raising from the dead IS proof. It was witnessed by more than 500 people. That is evidence enough to confirm the ...
  • Miracles of Mohammed and Christ
    The Truth
    You did not give me any tangible proof of survival of the miracles of Jesus after his death.DON NOT SAY "RAISING FROM THE ...
  • Was Muhammad a true prophet?
    The problem with you muslims is that you yourselves are your worst enemies. How can you profess with such arrogance ...
  • Miracles of Mohammed and Christ
    Karaz Bishara
    My friend, what you have here are two very different things. Jesus was MORE than a prophet and as such, He still works ...
  • Chapter 9: Does The Quran Teach Polytheism?
    Karaz Bishara
    No, my friend, the Bible is a book that CAN and SHOULD be read literally. Biblos - the book of books - Bible. Can God not ...