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Is Islam a divine religion? Administrator 14828
Radical differences between Islam and Christianity Administrator 19797
Christ's death on the cross Administrator 11204
Why Called Issa? Administrator 7464
Muslim's Paradise, and Christian's Heaven Administrator 93507
Difference between Islam in the West and the Middle East Administrator 13949
Why are people not aware of this difference? Administrator 6302
Christian freedom and Islamic bondage Administrator 11216
Opening churches to Muslim worship Administrator 9063
Islamic society Administrator 10272

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    At least from all you said,you basically believed in the Quran so please let it guide you because on that day everyone ...
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    first of all I want you to thanks because this question, 72 virgins not possible but this possible in our body millions of ...
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    bob wheel
    (believers make WAR on the infidels who dwell around you. 9;123 prophet make WAR on the unbelievers... 9:73 enjoy the ...
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    Paul Fishman
    :-| Mr Muhammad, We as Christians have read the Quran carefully. The Holy Spirit in us showed me and many others the ...
  • Was Muhammad a true prophet?
    Well, in the Quran, Allah is not love, God is love. God loves all of us even before we chose Him. Allah, on the other ...