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Difference between Islam in the West and the Middle East

Q6 Host: Is there any difference between Islam in the West, and Islam in the Middle East? (1:45)


Dr. Labib: Well, it is interesting. You know, Newsweek wrote a very interesting article about the Western Islam. Of course, when Muslims came to the West, here, they saw that they cannot, at all, convert people to Islam, which is the real Islam, the Islam of the Koran. What did they say in order to convert people? They said to them that it is the religion of brotherhood, love, kindness, respect for women, of course they have to say that. Any Muslim man who lives in the US, or Germany, or Britain, or any Western country, cannot marry but one woman at one time! He cannot practice his Islam. If he cannot practice his Islam, Islam is not practical in the West. The Muslim clerics are now trying to portray Islam as a kind, loving religion of brotherhood. At the same time, they attack the fundamental belief of Christians every day, in radio, in television, by printing, by booklets, by books, because of the freedom of the West. You cannot do that in any Muslim countries.


0 # sha 2014-10-29 10:39
Why this things only keep saying that what been write in quran is worst? That what i understand when i keep reading it :-|

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