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Muslim's Paradise, and Christian's Heaven

Q5. Dr. Labib, can we talk a little bit about Muslim's Paradise, and Christian's Heaven?


Oh, yes. Well, Muslim Paradise is described in the Quran in very plain words. And in surat Mouhammed, surat number 47, verse 15, and I am reading from the Quran, so anyone who is watching could go back to the Quran and make sure that I have said that, the description of Paradise which have been promised, it said in it are rivers of water that taste and smell of which are not changed. Rivers of milk, of which the taste never changes. Rivers of wine, delicious to those who drink . And rivers of clarified honey. There are in for them in every kind of fruit, and forgiveness from their lord. So in the Muslim Paradise you'll find rivers of waters, rivers of milk, and rivers of wine. The most interesting thing, that the Quran forbids drinking alcohol. It's forbidden in any Islamic society to drink alcohol. No whiskey, no wine permitted. But in Paradise it will not be bottles, it will be rivers. You drink, and you drink, and you drink, and you drink. One time I asked a Muslim friend, "How come?" The Quran says that wine is forbidden. If it's forbidden here, why it should be permitted there? He said, "For Allah to compensate us for what we did not do during our life on Earth."

Then you go to surat Al Tor, this is surat number 52. And beginning of verse 17, another description of the Paradise of the Muslims. "Verily, the pious (righteous people, good people, good Muslims) will be in gardens (Paradise means garden, you see), and the delight, enjoying in that which their lord has bestowed on them. And their lord saved them from the torment of the blazing fire, eat (Allah is telling to the Muslims) and drink with happiness because of what you used to do." Salvation here is by works, not by faith, or not by grace. "They would recline on beds, arranged in ranks, and we shall marry them to fair women with wide, lovely eyes." Oh, how many?

If you go to the Hadis, it is said it is between 70 and 100 women for each man. Is that the eternal life we are looking to? Is that what we want to enjoy in the after life? Women with lovely, wide eyes? 70? 100? One of the writers in Egypt wrote an article, one day, and he said, "Listen, if any Muslim will marry 70 or 100 women in heaven, in Paradise I mean, I am sorry, then he will be occupied from morning to evening to them. He will not have time to think about spiritual things, about God, about anything. Women around him..." And then he said, in a mocking way, "One woman is enough to this terrible life? You want hundred of them?" But this is the Muslim anticipating. When they die, they want milk, pure water, they don't have pure water, plenty of pure water; they have gas in Saudi Arabia, but not pure water, not easy, you see, milk, wine, and pure water. Women with wide, lovely eyes, and that is all of it.

And the most important thing is that man will sleep with these 70 or 100 women each day, and the next day they will turn to be virgins again. How come? This is what they say, that they will be virgins again, and again, and again. What kind of imagination is that, and what kind of paradise is that? And the question I ask is, "Well, all right. Men, you will enjoy 70 women. What about women? How many men they enjoy? Or is paradise for men only?? So, when you go and read the Quran, you will find out that the paradise of Islam is a sensual paradise. It is not a spiritual paradise.

But then, when you go to the Bible, the difference is great. The Saducees came to Jesus Christ one time, with a question. And they said to Him, "Rabbi, we have a question for you." "All right, what is the question?" "We have seven men, seven brothers, and as you know that Moses commanded us that if someone marry a woman and he dies without living a heir, his brother will take that woman, and then the first born will be on the name of the brother who died. And then this woman, they said to Him, married one, after one, after one, until she married the seven, and then she died." And the question of the Saducees was, that is in Matthew 22:25, "now there were with us seven brothers, and the first died, and last of all, the woman died also. Therefore, in the resurrection, whose wife of the seven will she be, for they all had her?" What was the answer of Jesus? Listen, "Jesus answered and said to them: You are mistaken, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God. For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given to marriage, but are like the angels of God in heaven." Look, the Quran says you will marry women with wide, lovely eyes. Jesus says no marriage in heaven; we'll be like angels. And why should we marry? Here we marry to reproduce. I am going to die, I have to have children so life would go on. My children should marry, will have children, life will go on. But, if there is a time, a point when I am not going to die, then why children? I am not going to die. I will be here eternally. I am not in need for someone to inherit me, to be my heir. But in the Quran, it is sensual, it is sex in full detail. But in the Bible nothing like that.

Then when we come to that last book of the Bible, we have paradise lost in the book of Genesis, because of sin; we have heaven regained in the book of Revelation. And what kind of heaven? Listen on what we read in Revelation 21, "Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth have passed away; and there was no more sea." Sea is the symbol of separation. No separation, no more sea.

"And then I john I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven, from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband."

And I heard a loud voice out of heaven saying, Behold, , the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, God himself will be with them, and be their God."

Paradise lost, where God used to come and talk with Adam and Even. Heavens gain, when God will come back to talk to us. What a day! And then listen, "And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death; neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away."

"And then he who sat on the throne said, Behold, I make all things new."

This is heaven, this is what we are looking for, a place where there is no more death, no more sorrow, no more pain, not 70 women. No! We want to enjoy God himself!

Then we come to Revelation 22, and see the climax of it: "And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb."

"In the middle of its street, and on either side of the river, was a tree of life,..."

"And there shall be no more curse, but the throne of God and of the lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him;"

"And they shall see his face; and his name shall be on their foreheads."

Moses said to the Lord, "Show me your face, please! I want to see your face!" He said, "Hold it. No man can see my face and live. But there will come a day when we have the glorified bodies, and we will see the face of God himself." This is eternal life in its reality, not 70 women, or 100 women, and sensual, and rivers of wine. All that cannot go. Think about this, and you will see the authenticity of Christianity, the purity of Christianity, and compare it with Islam. You will say, "No, I cannot be a Muslim. I will never, never accept Islam as my religion."


+31 # Richard Spencer 2011-08-21 17:47
It seems that Mohammed's "X-rated" paradise is for men only! What "opposite sex" rewards do righteous Muslim women get in this Islamic heaven?
-16 # muhammad 2013-03-01 03:29
To Richard Spencer, Please read the holy quran you wiil find your ans.
+2 # Jesus is my Lord 2015-10-13 11:29
Why don't you just give us the exact answers you want us to read, a reference from your quran!
-2 # carodeyka 2015-10-23 20:22
I think prophet said that most of women will be in hell.
+4 # Benyomin 2016-06-12 01:20
Sahih Bukhari 'Abbas says this:

The Prophet said: "I was shown the Hell-fire and that the majority of its dwellers were women who were ungrateful." It was asked, "Do they disbelieve in Allah?" (or are they ungrateful to Allah?) He replied, "They are ungrateful to their husbands and are ungrateful for the favors and the good (charitable deeds) done to them. If you have always been good (benevolent) to one of them and then she sees something in you (not of her liking), she will say, 'I have never received any good from you."

And what of the wife who's ungrateful because her husband's a jerk? Does he still get 72 virgins if he dies in j'had?

What does Islam have comparable to this?

"Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her." (Ephesians 5:25)
+1 # Paul Fishman 2016-09-14 11:13
:-| Mr Muhammad, We as Christians have read the Quran carefully. The Holy Spirit in us showed me and many others the carnality and errors in the Quran. That same revelation showed us the truth of the Quran that it is darkness. That is our answer.
+3 # allenc48 2015-11-30 07:01
Muslim woman can choose ONE young man slave and marry him, then he becomes a free man and become her ONLY husband. Wonam can make love with ONE man (husband) only.
+1 # Ted Way 2016-06-30 07:03
They get to be the horas.
+2 # Bill Ding 2016-08-16 19:45
No muslim men there. About as heavenly as it gets
0 # L. Carlson 2016-09-06 17:10
Muhammed said a majority of women are in hell. The reason why...because women are ungrateful to their men.
Most religions are sexist.
Also, Muslim men don't seem to know the Qur'an. Multiple wives is only allowed when a man is caring for orphans.The fail to read the lines before the sentence of taking 2,3, or 4 wives. The first 2 paragraphs take about 1 wife the next ones take about caring for orphans. Basically saying if you can't care for the orphans marry more women to help care for them.
+11 # Visitor 2012-10-24 22:38
Interesting but unfortunately not objective enough.

I feel the muslim voice is too absent here for me to make up a complete image of the answer.
0 # Abd 2012-11-26 18:56
We welcome your input to make this page more objective.
+1 # Barry Gaines 2015-08-18 15:02
I believe that no matter whether the bible or the Quran that the promise of heaven is present and open to interpretation in both. The bible promises that whatsoever we ask in his name we shall surely have if this is true then why can't someone ask for heaven to be however they choose it to be?!, especially if heaven is meant as a reward?
+10 # Benyomin 2015-09-15 18:25
Jesus stated in "the Lord's prayer" "Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven". What characterized Jesus was that He always, unflinchingly desired the will of God the Father, over His own will (e.g. If He wanted to sleep but the Father wanted Him to be doing something, He would choose the latter). This is most manifest at the cross. Likewise, the true follower of Jesus learns to desire the Fathers will over his own. Heaven is marked by certain characteristics . Much of them can be read about in the Book of Revelation. However, heaven is marked not by the will or desires of the individual but by the will and desires of God, ultimately leading to the praise of God. The true follower of Jesus, in the afterlife, will have the will and desires of God. In other words, he will want what God wants and not what his own selfish lusts want. And what he wants will be fulfilled.
-2 # Koz 2013-04-13 16:57
Very bad answer my friend, this is no way to respond to anybody as it only moves people away from understanding. Wishing people to hell is hell is unislamic. No man be it christian or muslim is guranteed heaven withiut the mercy if Allah. In relaition to the article 70- 100 or even 1, this is just one aspect of heaven that you are using to stain islam. It no way representation of Heaven from an islamic perspective. Read more of the Quran.
-1 # silvestre 2015-12-06 03:46
Please read bible for assurance of SALVATION like the first epistle of John the Apostle chapter 5:9-13 LOOK FOR THE WORD KNOW---in case you don't know 1 John is ,it is right after second Peter((( my guaranteed of heaven is JESUS THE MESSIAH read story of LAZARUS in John's GOSPEL CH.11:25-26 MY SURE HOPE "I" TRUST JESUS LIKE MARTHA VERSE 27
+1 # Shazzam 2016-12-02 16:55
How about, John 10:26-30
"but you do not believe because you are not among my sheep. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father's hand. I and the Father are one.”
0 # yousef salman 2013-04-21 21:30
Peace upon who accept the truth ..what you say that only in heaven we will see God is true really but that negate your faith that Jesus peace be upon him is God because he was seen in this life and Allah said to Moses peace be upon him :No man can see my face and live.So pls reflect and accept the truth. Allah said in Nobel Quran :. “.. and you will find the nearest in love to the believers those who say: ‘We are Christians.’ That is because amongst them are priests and monks, and they are not proud. And when they listen to what has been sent down to the Messenger, you see their eyes overflowing with tears because of the truth they have recognised. They say: Our Lord! We believe; so write us down among the witnesses.” (Quran 5:83)
+10 # Karaz Bishara 2014-11-26 22:57
Yousef, when God says this to Moses, he is saying you cannot see God's spirit and live. When God came down to the earth and lived a perfect life, he called himself Jesus. This is the mystery of how God works. Jesus was fully God and fully man when he walked the earth. He was God revealed in the flesh and could, therefore, be seen.
+2 # Nawal 2015-12-31 18:27
So when God was on the cross why was he in so much pain, surely God, the all powerful would not be in that situation.
+2 # Benyomin 2016-01-27 00:12
You are presuming on the all powerful. Is there anything He cannot do?
If He does love wouldn't His love be infinite and beyond measure? And if He does love, why would He not enter into the human experience and endure all of the experiences common to man including that of excruciating pain so as to win your favor but more importantly, empathize with our condition as mortals?
Of course we can be dismissive towards this love and either pretend or presume that it's not true. But then we deprive ourselves of a relationship with Him.
+2 # Benyomin 2016-01-27 00:19
You have not entered into the experience of the all powerful. None of us has. But what's to say that He couldn't and wouldn't be willing to enter into our experience?
If the all powerful can love us? To what extent does He love? I would say "infinitely" to the point whereby He's willing to enter into every aspect of our experience so that He can empathize with His creation. For Him and for we who believe, however, the end is not death. He promises us eternal life. And eternal life in the presence of the source of life has to be beyond any experience we could have in this world.
+1 # Jyeesmuis 2016-08-30 13:16
lovely question Nawal,
That is the point of Christianity God came to the world to pay the debt man could never have paid. He died in your place so that now you can have his life. That the whole point of Gods love. God soooo loved the world he gave his only son whosoever believes in all he did would not die but have life everlasting.
+4 # Benyomin 2015-09-15 18:43
The Bible says that God made man in His image. Exactly what that means can be debated. I would not be so brazen as to emphatically state that God looks like a man. On the contrary, the Bible tells us that God is Spirit and that those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. So exactly how is man made in God's image? The Bible tells us that man "fell". Hence, I would argue that man is now a tarnished/flawe d image of God. And that this image is not necessarily one of appearance, but of character. The Bible tells us that God IS Love. So what does that mean? Out of love, He relates toward man with humility, compassion, patience... the highest of virtues. But how does one define the highest of virtues? What is absolute compassion? Absolute humility? Neither you nor I have ever seen the perfect man who exhibited these virtues perfectly. Jesus is the way that God would be if He would choose to be a man, so He could show us how we ought to be.
0 # A Man 2013-05-11 02:35
first muslims belive that every one who enters heaven will by god's mercy-faith-and then work even prohpet muhammed said he would enter heaven unless god have mercy on him.
second. the 70 virgins hadith is not in the sahih .the virgins becoming virgins again is a weak hadith.
third islam says we will have phyisical bodies but diffrent than our bodies the prophet says that the people of heaven would look like the son of mary (jesus)
because he went to heaven
fourth . we cannot see god in these bodies but in our new blessed bodies like the son of mary
+23 # cheryl 2013-05-11 07:32
Jesus died on the cross for our sins there is no other way to heaven.I wish all to be saved. Please ask for the truth
-1 # javad 2016-07-03 01:05
oh please! this is silly! please thnik a bit about it or if you dont know ask someone else
how do you know its the truth? were you there and saw that the man died on the cross was really the jesus? and also can you proove that he was god?
please open your eyes and use your wisedome!
+1 # Benyomin 2016-07-26 23:29
Those are good questions.
The issue of the death and resurrection IS ultimately to be taken by faith however, there are myriad intra-biblical as well as extra biblical references to this event.

One extra biblical reference that comes to mind is a passage in the talmud. These were events that began to take place 40 years prior to the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. What happened 40 years prior to the destruction of the Temple? The rejection, death and resurrection of Messiah. What makes this source reliable is that the rabbis who compiled the Talmud would never have supported the idea of Jesus being the Messiah. They would have just reported the facts as they took place.

An example of an intra Biblical reference is found in Daniel 9 in which Gabriel pinpoints to Daniel the exact time of Messiah's arrival and death.
0 # Benyomin 2016-07-26 23:36
Regarding the question concerning the "diety" of the Messiah. i concede. That's a very difficult thing for we mortals to grasp. i'm not God so I don't know how He does it. Again, it ultimately is a matter of faith (faith is the substance of things unseen).
+1 # Jyeesmuis 2016-08-30 13:25
I used to argue and search till I encountered history archaeological proofs. The Romans records proof that there was such a man who was crucified named Jesus of Nazereth. Please objectively study the history of Rome and then you know why they are the last people to let this slip away.
nobody ever doubts atistotle, plato, Socrates and all, even though their writings are older and lesser in manuscripts than the gospel.
Javad take time to study history.. certain things are actually clear, you don't have to doubt
-29 # Mohammed pbuh 2013-06-07 23:13
Islamic scriptures inform us that most women won’t make it to heaven and are destined for hell

."Among the inmates of Heaven women will be theminority" (Sahih Muslim 36: 6600);........

"I (Mohammed) have seen that the majority ofthe dwellers of Hell-Fire were women...[becaus e]they are ungrateful to their husbands and theyare deficient in intelligence" (Sahih Bukhari:2:18:16 1; 7:62:125, 1:6:301).

That is a womans place in Al jannah. Alahu Akbar Alahu Akbar and Alahu Akbar. Very much :roll:
+1 # Tim 2016-04-12 19:50
Peace Sir. I pray that you and your family are well,and I greet you in the name of "Yashua-Jesus the Christ. What would be your suffix-acceptan ce, regarding your given information, of the Sunnah of the quran, regarding women? My concern is that,Eve isn’t actually mentioned by name in the Quran, in fact ‘Eve’ is the name given to the first woman in the Bible. However, in Islamic tradition she is known by the Arabic name ‘Hawwa’. The Quran confirms that Hawwa was indeed created from Adam (pbuh) but doesn’t go into detail: “It is He Who created you from a single person, and made his mate of like nature, in order that he might dwell with her in love...” (Chapter 7, Verse 189) The Bible however states that Eve was created from Adam’s (pbuh) rib – something which although is not confirmed in the Quran, it is in fact supported by a Hadith in Bukhari. So,where does an "descendant disdain,FROM YAWEH-GOD",towa rds woman, begin to form, as related to being ungrateful,and Hell-bound..ela borate Thx.
+1 # Paul Fishman 2016-04-18 18:57
What Jesus promised by the Father in heaven DOES NOT exclude women. As He makes His joy complete so He will make our joy complete in His desire NOT by the Prophet of Allah and man's desire.
-2 # Mohamed Abdulkarim 2013-06-13 15:18
We also find men in Janna Read Quran 76:19
+6 # Adel 2013-06-21 18:10
This seems a bit biased
+1 # voice pf truth 2013-07-06 11:34
it is really rediculous i live in a muslim country i read quran and hadith of our prophet and imams and ive never seen things that you said here there is no word that tells us about the amount of women we dont drink in this world and neither in the paradise and good women that go to paradise can have handsome men.this is human beings nature can you fight with that?im so sorry for you for giving false information to people and making distances between people who are worshippig the same god.
+5 # Eliana 2016-05-19 04:24
We do not worship the same God, Our Elohim has a Name, YaHWeH, some say YeHoVeH, He has a Son, whom is Himself made flesh, for such is His Great Love for US created in His Image.does not the commentator give verses ? yes he does, I have studied your religion 3 yrs, there is no likeness, as your Qur'an teaches murder and violence and force, where the Bible teaches LOVE. YeHoVeH is LOVE, not lust, not greed, not gluttony,all these things YeHoVeh abhors, you shall receive "Houri"which translates to whore in english language, YHWH abhors this! this shall not be in paradise! Sura 47:15,is in your Qur'an wine again, Sura 83:22,25 So I am sorry He tells no lie, May you seek Yeshua HaMachiach, and YeHoVeH.
+14 # Brethren 2013-07-22 02:57
So the objective according to Muslims is do good acts on earth now so you can party and have sex in the after life? " sex is great and fun that is why Allah promised us". Really? That's the theological answer that you are going with? What kind of great promise is that when you can already have that "paradise" on earth if you want. That does not put my soul at ease having sex with virgins. When I think of heaven it is peaceful eternity with God the creator. Heaven, God and sex just doesn't seem like what the creator had as his master plan for eternal life.
+4 # Bill 2013-08-01 09:16
There is much variety within Islam. To compare our modern and enlightened views of heaven with the cultural setting in the Arab world 1,500 years ago, is unfair. How each child of God/Allah envisions the afterlife is personal and cultural. Please give Muslims a chance to grow without demeaning the quality of their "beliefs". When Moses sang,"God is a God of war", it was before the revelation of love brought to us by the Master. Islam is redefining itself as it rubs against the rest of the world. the fanatics are only proof of change. Love your neighbor...even those who see God differently than you do. Are you willing to state that the faith acts of Muslims have no reward in heaven?
+11 # Karaz Bishara 2014-10-23 22:30
Bill, Are "faith acts" worth anything if they are not done in faith to the One true God? Let me describe it this way: A teacher told a student to sharpen pencils to achieve a reward at the end of the day. The student believed the teacher would be happy with a clean and organized desk instead. Would the student achieve the reward from his teacher? No - because he did not do what the teacher asked. The same is with us and God. God has given one way to salvation, that is through faith in what he has done through Jesus. Regardless of how sincere people may be, if they do not accept that one way God has provided for salvation, faith acts are pointless.
0 # Jyeesmuis 2016-08-30 13:44
this is just great... lovely explanation karaz. God bless you
0 # Eliana 2016-05-19 04:40
why is it unfair? is it not the word of god? Is not the Holy Bible not the Word of YHWH?, and is seen clearly what heaven is all about? Yeshua clearly states what the Kingdom og God is. and there is no difference in interpretation even unto this day, also the song Moses sang will be sang again when Yeshua returns to defeat His enemies He needs not man to do His battle, also Isaiah 14:12-15 makes things quite clear, what satan the great deciever is up to.I pray all Muslims will turn from islam and come to Jesus. The Messiah.and I also pray that those who keep the traditions of man come away from doing so and repent and obey YeHoVeH.
0 # XbR 2013-09-04 07:48
Here again I would lik to request you to be objective and unbiased, meaning here by showing the clear picture of both of the religions. Quran and Hadith depict a detailed picture of heaven (jannah).
I would like to share some of the verses from Quran:
"Truly! The pious and righteous persons will be amidst Gardens and water-springs (Paradise). "(It will be said to them): 'Enter therein, in peace and security.' "And We shall remove from their breasts any sense of injury , (So they will be like) brothers facing each other on thrones. "No sense of fatigue shall touch them, nor shall they be asked to leave it."

Quran 15: 45-48

I will share others later on.
-3 # XbR 2013-09-04 07:54
Here I would like to share one more verse from the Quran:
And those who kept their duty to their Lord will be led to Paradise in groups, till, when they reach it, and its gates will be opened (before their arrival for their reception) and its keepers will say: Salamun 'Alaikum (peace be upon you)! You have done well, so enter here to abide therein." And they will say: "All the praises and thanks be to Allah Who has fulfilled His Promise to us and has made us inherit (this) land. We can dwell in Paradise where we will; how excellent a reward for the (pious good) workers!"

Quran 39: 73-74

In paradise we would be given whatever we wish to have.
Those who have read freudian theory, must appreciate the ideology of Quran about paradise.

There is much to share, but we all are supposed to probe more and more.
0 # Tim 2016-04-12 20:09
Peace of Yashau-Jesus the Christ be upon you,XBR.I pray that you and your family are well. I'm interested in your "Quranic, or Sunnah response,of Paradise, and it's(KEEPERS), stating upon the Obedient Islamic them stating..SALAMU N ALAIKUM(peace be upon you)..TO THEM.. Why would you think,say,and or believe that..PEACE would be necessary, upon BEING IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN,or Paradise as referenced in the Quran... What is your perspective about,PARADISE. ..BEING A EXISTENCE OF PEACE ITSELF, ONCE ACHIEVED THRU OBEDIENCE?? The Meaning of Peace. In English, the word "peace" conjures up a passive picture, one showing an absence of civil disturbance or hostilities, or a personality free from internal and external strife. The biblical concept of peace is larger than that and rests heavily on the Hebrew root slm, which means "to be complete" or "to be sound." You may not take unto this defining, by Arabic defintion..(Joh n 14:27)..Jesus gave peace..would one need peace in heaven?
-9 # zahra 2013-10-25 15:21
you are questioning polygamy in
Islam without knowing the real reason?Polygamy for your information is allowed to Muslim men to avoid adultery ..
And why don't you ask yourself how many Christians commit adultery ? Friends of Shaitan .. astaghfirullah
+18 # Karaz Bishara 2014-10-30 23:44
Zahra, how is "allowed" polygamy any different from adultery? Sexual relations outside of marriage between ONE man and ONE woman is adultery regardless of what form it takes. Polygamy is adultery!
+13 # Jhvh 2014-12-18 13:27
Zahra, you claimed that polygamy is allowed in Islam to avoid adultery? And yet there are muslim men who rape and commit adultery. So, the prescribed polygamy is ineffective? Let me tell you the standard: even if a man so much as to look at a woman to lust after her in his heart, he has committed adultery.
0 # Meme 2017-01-07 19:24
What about women? Do they have to sacrifice being loved and honored because thier man is horny? What if they want to sleep with their husband every night? Can they get a spare in between his visits if they want sex?

As for Christians? If they were to follow what Jesus Christ taught, they would not even lust for anyone even in their heart. True Christian men (and there are many out there) respect their wife's feelings and are able to control themselves sexually because the "love" they feel is worth far more than sex. They respect God first and his commandments as well as their woman's feelings and love...
+15 # nicholas ben gurion 2014-01-04 17:09
sounds like a gangbang to me in that paradise... feels i was reading penthouse or playboy magazine plus wine review.....
-8 # trying tohelp 2014-03-17 22:59
Ok, im sorry but the 70 virgins are misinterpretati ons. They are there for those who want yhem and for women their husbands or choee male partners wkll be perfect and please you forgot the part in the Quran when Allah says he will show his Face. You have mentioned only some parts and made them sound boring. Anyway what would u like in paradise. Allah will give the people in Paradise what ever they want. Btw Allah hates the wine on Earth as it intoxicating. Whereas if you read the Quran and check all translations and consider the muslim ideology then you may understand that the wine in paradise in NOT INTOXICATING. LOL get ur facts right
0 # Eliana 2016-05-19 04:46
how do you know this? have you been to paradise and have you tasted of it therein?
+4 # Muslimperson 2014-04-11 17:16
Please ignore that "jesus" guy who commented.
The meanings of the verses of the Qur'an and Hadith have been distorted by misogynistic men and scholars of Islam who clearly believe themselves to be superior.
As stated in the Qur'an, everyone will have whatever they desire. This includes men and women.
Unfortunately, women are almost afraid to voice their concerns in a male dominated society so men get all the limelight and freedom to say whatever they want.
The word "Hur" (literally, person with beautiful eyes) pertains to both genders as does "Azwaj Mutaharra" (literally, holy/purified spouses). These are for both men and women. But men of today have twisted this to control their wives and to reassure them that they will be slaves even in Jannah. Perfect Heaven, ay?
However there are some sane men too who believe in the correct definitions and preach them.
Dear sisters, please don't believe anything misogynistic men say. Jannah is freedom for all.
+7 # Lawrence Lynn 2014-04-19 04:46
This article is void of any muslim response. If its true, if this is the muslim idea of paradise i reject it . Life itself is the most precious gift givin by god not virgins. Such desires cause men to do evil, it would be evil to place a man in a situation void of self control. Is this muslim paradise a world of fools.
0 # bushra 2015-02-25 22:59
Trust me. One day u will regret saying that
+8 # Haji 2015-11-28 05:08
Allah and God of the Bible is different. God of the Bible has no satanic quality
+13 # Questioning 2014-04-28 02:48
I doubt you will ever read this again, but #jesus, you just sound defensive and aren't actually defending your case. I think it's sad that you believe this with such anger and hate. Btw, Jesus is God in the flesh. He came to earth splitting Himself from God because a perfect sacrifice (someone that can live without doing something wrong. God is the only one perfect enough to be the sacrifice. He died an excruciating death to concur death and take the punishment of evil which is Hell from those who will except it. We aren't worthy to be with God bc He is holy. Without Jesus' sacrifice, we wouldn't be able to be worthy of His presence but through Christ, we are bc of what He did. God has high standards. Even something as little as a lie is worthy of Hell. That's why we need Him. We won't just sit around when in Heaven. There will be so much to do bc we will be with our Creator! God as Jesus came to earth for all. We just have to choose whether or not to accept the free gift.
+16 # T 2014-05-20 13:12
@Jesus I suggest you actually use your brain to think with instead of play with. Do you not see that you are to be a moral decent human being while here on earth? Why would you need to be that if your just going to go to paradise and be immoral? Why is your idea of Paradise a legal brothel of unlimited sex with other women who are not your wife? and you get to drink as much wine as you want while being serviced sexually by young boys if you so desire? That religion is so corrupted it's boggles the mind why you defend it!
-8 # Rasheed 2014-07-09 17:08
As Salaamu Alaikum
The Islamic view for Jannah(Paradise )in Islam is a beautiful&glori ous reward from God Allah. Paradise is ALL ABOUT PLEASURE. Allah rewards us in a new life where NO negativity pain,war,illnes s,bacteria,deat h,jealousy,hatr ed,will exist.Marriage to gorgeous spouses.The Men&women of Paradise are promised to receive whatever they desire.The wine in Paradise is:White& delicious to the drinkers;no bad effect is there in it nor will they become intoxicated(Al Quran 37:46-47).River s of milk&honey.The gravel of Paradise will be of diamonds& pearls& its scent will be of saffron& musk.After we eat&drink we wont have to excrete waste from our bodies as in this life.We will wear bracelets of gold&silver,&th e finest silk robes.Eating only the finest meats, all kinds of fruit&living in the finest mansions of beauty. Reclining on raised thrones a fitting desire for ALL mankind.But the greatest gift:to see the light of God Allah.Paradise a PHYSICAL&SPIRIT UAL ETERNAL PLEASURE.
+8 # Abd El-Massih 2014-10-01 20:26
Quoting Rasheed:
But the greatest gift:to see the light of God Allah.Paradise a PHYSICAL&SPIRITUAL ETERNAL PLEASURE.

can you please show me from your Quran where in your Paradise you will see the light of God? Please show me where in the Quran that in Paradise you will have one glimpse of "SPIRITUAL PLEASURE" - ?
+12 # spear 2014-10-14 00:36
Sounds like the Muslim paradise is a realm jst above humans where there is still strong cravings and lust for mundane things to satisfy the human 5 senses; nothing spiritual like God.
+9 # Beth 2015-11-01 01:07
So.. Islamic heaven is all about having sex with attractive people any time you want, drinking wine w/o getting drunk and eating without having to use the bathroom?

It is the HEART that contains the beauty of a person, not their face or their body. Sex is not the ONLY pleasure in the universe. Peace, happiness, fuzzy animals, sunsets, and having a sit down with GOD would be the ultimate in pleasure.

It seems that Islam is focused on the desires of the skin and the oppression of women who are to be sex slaves for eternity. NO THANK YOU.
+8 # BlameTheFed 2016-01-05 18:04
The Muslim "paradise" is missing the crucial element: LOVE. Which is GOD Himself, for God IS love! Your "paradise" is filled only with earthly sensual pleasures--popu lated by people filled with greed, pride, and lust. Women and young boys there are used as sex-slaves, just objects of sensual pleasure. Do you think it is loving to use them that way? Wouldn't that be hell for them? You are thinking selfishly. That is the opposite of love. God did not create multiple wives for Adam. He created ONE man and ONE woman, in God's image, both equal in value to God, yet different and complementary, made to LOVE God and to love each other with their bodies and souls. Before the fall, they were like innocent children and did not know lust. Jesus said we must become like little children (humble and pure of heart) to enter the kingdom of heaven.
-5 # irfan shaikh 2014-08-08 10:04
Their will not be birth or inheritance in hereafter/parad ise. Kindly give this author horse glasses to read quran properly. And all of my Christian brethens Jesus is not ur saviour as he will be in custody to clarify in front of God and us for the blasphemy as to he told people to worship him and his mother along with God. Tell this author to see this thing also in quran properly for all of ur references Hadeeths is not the saying of prophet muhammed peace be upon him and it is inducted in Islam after the demise of prophet muhammed 200 years. Most of the comparison from that book distort the real messages in quran.
+4 # Abd El-Massih 2014-10-01 20:27
Irfan ,

Tell us where the author distorted the real message of the Quran if you are making such claim.
+2 # Tim 2016-04-12 20:24
Peace in the name of "Yashua-Jesus the Christ. Hope you're well today. To remain on a "academic, and scholarly communication. Kindly comparatively, share why...allowing the Quran, and Word of God-Bible, speak for THEMSELVES, historically, as to Yashua-Jesus..N OT being the "ATONEMENT" for man's sin, according to the Word of God, that existed between,2010-26 00 years before Muhammed..? Kindly teach us brother, "where JESUS stated for mankind to "WORSHIP" his earthly mother MARY..??? Also, Does the Quran give explanation, as to WHY..God would consider allowing JESUS, to be born without a man's physical intervention.. There were many biblical men who were given by God, the authority to show forth miracles, and prophecies, to show God's authority, upon earth towards mankind,so kindly explain the Islamic respect unto Jesus, as "God's most mightiest prophet, performing healings,miracl es thru God as other called men of God....there was something your missing brother, about his SINLESS BIRTH.?
+3 # Message from god 2014-09-06 04:54
my dear friends , you told that angels has going nothing in hevean , sorry boss angels will praising god and they will be accepting gods words and they will carrying gods words to us . if i am wrong then who told to prophet muhammud about god word ? its angel . isnt it . u people wont have wine here then what u people will have there in heaven ? , sex is a enjoyment ? come on its a part of life thats all . why most of the people wont have interest in sex when they came to know about god ? because its not a enjoyment boss its time waste for them ,they can worship god in the same time . i hope u got the answer
0 # Deepak 2014-10-04 19:13
TO Abd el Massih

You asked to see where the message is distorted.
the sincere gentleman is surely a aware about the other following who make the COMPARAISON between the rewards. (Chp 9 /72) read carefully:Allah has promised the believing men and believing women gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally, and pleasant dwellings in gardens of perpetual residence; BUT approval from Allah is GREATER It is THAT which is the great attainment وَعَدَ الله المؤمنين والمؤمنات جنات تَجْرِي مِن تَحْتِهَا الأنهار خالدين فِيهَا ومساكن طَيّبَةً في جَنَّاتِ عَدْنٍ ورضوان مّنَ الله أكْبَرُ ذلك هُوَ الفوز العظيم
-3 # Bias alejandro 2014-10-06 03:08
Its sad when people just dont want to live in harmony and be happy for others. I just want to also say the way western society acts is worse than what this guy is trying to portray as an Islamic heaven. In the end God is God and heaven is anything you want it to be. Its happiness so whatever floats your boat you get son. Just love God and be kind and peaceful and God will certainly put you in heaven. Hes all loving and character is something everyone needs to work on because its what makes God happy for sure.
+6 # Karaz Bishara 2014-10-17 00:15
Bias, as nice as that sounds, examine whether your hypothesis can possibly be true. If one religion says you get to heaven on a boat and another religion says you have to walk through the desert, both cannot possibly be true. The god of Islam and the God of Christianity are two very different deities according to each religion's scriptures. What you need to do is examine both and seek Truth. All religions are so different they cannot all be true. There is, of necessity, one Truth. I encourage you to read the Bible, study religions and open your heart to find the truth. "Just love God and be kind" is not enough. What if someone's religion mandates being mean to people? There must be an absolute moral authority - that authority is God. You need to find out which God. Read the Bible, my friend.
+4 # Seek Jesus 2015-06-23 00:35
Christians worship The One True GOD of Peace, Love, and Mercy. Muslims worship a god of war, hate, and no mercy. Proof= In Sudan among many mutilations and barbarity, Christian mothers are terrorized as Jihad fighters cut off their breasts for refusing Allah, causing the death of infants by starvation. Whether Muslims admit it or not, the Koran and Hadith requires the annihilation of Israel. Here is standard Islamic eschatology recorded in the Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith:
"The last day will not come until the tribes of ISHMAEL destroy the tribes of ISREAL! In fact the stones will cry out to expose a hiding Jew so he can be killed.
+3 # Fran 2014-10-28 19:17
Thanks for finally writing about >Muslim's Paradise, and Christian's Heaven
-7 # sha 2014-10-29 10:42
Its seem likes this things keep saying muslim is something not true. Suck.
-4 # bushra 2015-02-25 22:55
-3 # bushra 2015-02-25 22:53
What a shame. In MUSLIM jannat the bricks will be made out of gold and joined with perfume. Birds will deliver your food. You will live in a mansion with your family and not at one moment will you be sad. God is so almighty mashallah. If only we believed. Sometimes it takes more than evidence for things to believe. You will regret it thoroughly one day, i mean it wont be pleasant burning in hell!
0 # Eliana 2016-05-19 04:59
you are right ~~I hope you find Yeshua as He is The door that you must enter into in order to get to Paradise.
+10 # my opinion 2015-03-02 18:24
I can not beleive how people can argue about religion, i grew up a christian and lived with a muslim man for sixteen years. He never respected or loved me. all he ever cared about was himself. not even the 3 children we had together made a difference, to him i was just a slave, i am finally free of this phsycopath, i actually feel sorry for him and many like him they are indoctrinated with this idea that they are superior than any one else. it really makes me wonder they think so little of woman what about their mothers, I dont have strenght for religion anymore but i do believe there is a god and i trust in the 10 commandments. not critizing anyone im just voicing my opinions.
+5 # Jim 2015-03-07 12:17
The Quran is filled with contradictions about sex on earth and the hereafter. A conquering Muslim (as a result of Jihad) is permitted to make sex slaves of non-Muslim women. You can also have multiple wives. In fact, the Hadiths brag about Muhammad's virility (having sex with all of his wives every night).
+3 # lucky 2015-03-17 14:31
may God be whit us.christian' heaven is real
+6 # Danni 2015-04-23 17:18
The Quran was given to Muhammad by the Serpent, The Devil, Satan. Muslims need to convert. There is one way into Heaven and to experience and witness the Glory of God, The Alpha, The Omega , The Beginning and The End. Jesus is our Mediator, The Messiah. There are a bunch of religions but there are billions of Christian s among the World. God is waiting on everyone who doesn't believe. Allah is not The Creator God is. Believe! And we don't praise Mary Jesus mother, she is a symbol of Grace and rememberance for Catholics... The point is Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour will be on our side as long as we be born again and live righteous. He is the Way!!!
0 # 2cent opinion 2015-05-19 04:14
Really great debate within Christianity & Islam. But this 2 religion also seems lame. Both arguing which God is the real, what is the point to read out something from the so say Bible & Quran? Having war and kill so many people just because of the religion. Come on, wake up and do your best deed to those who alive. No matter they are what religion, human have the same blood.
+4 # Karaz Bishara 2015-05-20 18:36
2cent, the Bible teaches that we are to love one another and help our neighbor. The Bible does not tell us to war but rather, "turn the other cheek" when treated wrongly. Yes, we should all do good for others, but my friend, think about this... the Bible says the only way to heaven is through the work of God by Jesus on the cross. If we did not tell you about that then we would not be doing you any good, would we? If the building you are in was going to burn down but we did not tell you, you would not consider us very nice or good people. Telling people about the truth of the Bible and salvation through Jesus is the same thing. I cannot not speak of it - to be silent would mean I condemn all people to hell. You have the right to believe what you want, in the end, but if I did not at least tell you about it, I would be condemning you to hell without knowing of another way.
+3 # Mr. Logic 2015-12-13 11:42
This is an interesting article...and here is my problem with Islamic Heaven (Jannat):
1. Whole life men are chasing sex and in some Muslim countries even have many wives and yet still after death want to do the same thing over and over in heaven?
2. Sex is a carnal pleasure and should not attract spirit/ soul/ rooh!
3. Men get many Hoors!! So you want to go to Heaven to be served by many Hoors instead of serving the God who has finally invited you to stay in his abode??
4. What about women? They get their old rusty husband back again only to share him with many other Hoors!! If her husband wasn't good enough she is now stuck with him for eternity in heaven too!! Now you will say if husband was not good he will not go to Jannat. OK Husband doesn't go there but wife was always a good wife reaches heaven, who does she get to enjoy or does she too get male version of Hoors to serve her?

+1 # Simplehuman 2015-06-09 13:35
Muslims Have you been denying Christ and expect to get into heaven
Believe what Jesus said about Heaven. Because Jesus came down from heaven and risen back to heaven and living right now in heaven. Please do't believe somebody's offer like 72 virgin girls
for sex, also young boys,river of wine, river of milk, river of pure water etc as Allah's offer in your paradise. This is a myth, imagination or fantancy and fake as there is no 24/7 sexual pleasure in heaven or marriage or wives etc.
Christians believe that all believers shares in an immortal spiritual existence.Heave n is a complete spiritual an not physical 24/7 sexual pleasure enjoying centre.
+4 # Wayne 2015-07-17 19:07
There will be no marriage or sex in Heaven. There will be no wine there either because the Bible says that wine is a mocker. Only those who put their trust in Jesus will go to Heaven. Everyone else will go to Hell. Why? Because all men and women are sinners and cannot save ourselves. God is pure and Holy and He will not tolerate sin in His presence. What is sin? Sin is lying, cheating stealing, homosexuality, fornication, adultery, covetousness, blasphemy, hating, murder, envy, lust etc. God is love and the Kingdom of Heaven is peace, love and joy in the Holy Ghost and no man will get there without Jesus. Jesus is God the Son, not a "son" made by sexual relations, God has no sexual relations. Jesus is a spiritual son and He is ONE with the Father. Jesus obediently gave his Holy and sinless and Pure life for man on the cross and he died in our place that we might have life, only by believing and trusting in Him. No man can do anything good enough to get into Heaven: only God is Good.
+6 # the0 2015-08-01 14:49
Paradise vs. Heaven? You don't go to heaven for killing people who believe in paradise.

The God of Islam and the God of Christianity are supposedly the same, but cannot be both.
Which is more likely: The kingdom awaits those who recognize the path shown by Jesus (i.e. Honor God, love others as yourself and be released from death) or that God rewards those who murder people that realize there is something inherently wrong about expecting 70-100 houri and rivers of water, wine, milk and honey when abstinence and female chastity are foundations of your faith?
-3 # gulbis 2015-09-07 10:39
Jesus himself is a muslim so whatelse are the christian thinking......
0 # Karaz Bishara 2015-09-21 22:19
Jesus is God in the flesh, so how can He be Muslim?
+4 # DJ 2015-10-24 04:53
Jesus was Jewish, not Muslim. That's not even a matter of interpretation, it is exceedingly clear in the Bible and supported by historical fact!
+1 # Jesus is coming back 2015-10-26 23:10
Stop distorting the fact.

Jesus came to this world as Jewish!
0 # Shazzam 2016-12-02 16:57
Not 100%
Read the book of Ruth ....
0 # Gail 2015-11-13 17:18
The women of Islam surely must realize they seem to be viewed as 2nd class citizens. Not even that, more like animals. It seems to me that Islamic heaven is for men. Most women will enter hell because they are stupid and lacked devotion to their husband? Do Muslims not believe God loves everyone, not just men? We are all God's children and so we are all brothers and sisters. We should help each other live clean, pure, and loving lives.
+3 # Wiffin 2015-11-25 22:02
So absurd. Sex in Paradise, next to God, our Father? And the women, do they get male virgins and how can they tell?
+3 # Allen 2016-01-03 18:39
Paul in his first letter to the Corinthian church in Greece, synopsized that to be saved one need only believe the following: 1 Corinthians 15:2-4 (NLT)" 2 It is this Good News that saves you if you continue to believe the message I told you—unless, of course, you believed something that was never true in the first place. 3 I passed on to you what was most important and what had also been passed on to me. Christ died for our sins, just as the Scriptures said. 4 He was buried, and he was raised from the dead on the third day, just as the Scriptures said".
+2 # Paul Fishman 2016-04-18 18:50
I rejoice in the fact that Jesus said there will be NO marriage or given in marriage in the carnal way as Islam indicates in the above suras. Jesus as the Son of God in the Flesh came to die for our sins so we can enjoy the beauty of holiness and purity with the Father.
0 # Noelle 2016-04-28 00:31
I found this section extremely informative and interesting as it lays out the differences between the Muslim Paradise and the Christian Heaven. I had not realized that Paradise was mainly sensual and Heaven had no sensuality whatsoever.
+1 # Olivia 2016-04-28 00:41
The comparison of a sensual paradise for Muslims and a spiritual heavan for Christians helped me differentiate the two religions. It makes sense that when Muslims achieve salvation through their works (paragraph 2) that they would also have physical rewards in heavan. Further, Christians achieve salvation through their believe in Christ and spiritual life and therefore have spiritual rewards in heavan.
0 # Sidney 2016-05-03 15:08
I am surprised that they would have rivers of alcohol. I guess they probably want people to put desires aside during life, and after they die, they are rewarded with paradise.
0 # javad 2016-07-02 23:23
there is no alcohol in heavn! this is told by quran ! if you dont know it, dont say it please thank you
0 # Hassan 2016-06-03 14:25
Its a pity how blind to d truth mohammed nd all muslims are, i dont blame anyone, like most of us u were born into islam, but here comes d opportunity for u to see d lyt, u bin here is Gods provision to see the truth, we are attacking ur religion? No, we just want u to miss hell, i will b plane nd straight, nd wud say facts only Allah is a god, a god conceived in d heart of Mohammed tru d enemy satan, Beware Allah was a moon god existing in d family of mohamed, infact his fact Abdulah was somewhat a priest of dis god, if Allah was revealed to moh aw come d name of of his dad means servant of Allah, muslims ar always defensive abt d quran even wit its numerous flaws nd lack of common sense, d quran can only d fully understood by Allah they claim, so y gv it to u? As a former Muslim, av read tru d quran severally nd i see no salvation there, i see no spiritual connection to dis Allah, all i see is a void dat csnnot b filled by routine washing of hands nd legs.Islam is not a way to God
0 # muhammad 2016-06-28 16:41
salam! getting the whole thing wrong!...if God loves us all...why then do we have rich and poor?...some healthy nd some sick?why not equal?..thinkin g in your direction!..
+2 # muhammad 2016-06-28 16:46
if jesus(peace be upon him) died for your sins,who died for your rewards??
0 # Benyomin 2016-07-01 16:25
What rewards should we get if anything that we do which might be determined as good is something that we ought to have done in the first place?
0 # muhammad 2016-06-28 16:55
if jesus came in to the world as a jewish man why then is the original bible in hebrew and widely the book is been read in english
+1 # muhammad 2016-06-28 16:58
no muslim is a true muslim unless in believes in all the prophets sent by God...muslims solely believe in all the miracles of jesus and all the teachings of musa he(jesus) came to emphasis on...
0 # Benyomin 2016-07-26 23:49
Do you know what all the prophets taught?

Do you believe what all the prophets taught?

Did Muhammad abrogate some of the teachings of the prophets?

If he did abrogate the teachings of the prophets are you still believing what they taught?
0 # javad 2016-08-01 12:14
mohammad pbuh , didnt abrogate anything of the other prophets, no prophet abrogated anything of the other prophets. all of them were just choosen to be a messenger to give the God's message to people and guide them to the stright way. none of them said anything of himself .
but the bible and the christianity has been edited through the time. if theese are your believes , then you arent a true christian, choose another name for your religion
0 # Benyomin 2016-08-10 00:44
#javad, how is it that you know this? Did you research it? Did someone tell you? How many sources did you check? 1?, 2? 300?
0 # Benyomin 2016-08-10 00:46
Who was it who edited the Bible through time? How do you know?
-1 # Akje 2016-08-02 02:53
God bless you!! . I better die with out a religion than being a muslum. ....Mohammed is anti christ

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