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Q10. Dr. Labib, could you talk a little bit about the Islamic society?


The Islamic society is very interesting to study indeed, you see. Because you can judge any religion by the immediate effect on the followers of that religion in the first century. Now, you come to the Christian society in the first century, where do we find the history of that Christian society? In the book of Acts. Christians loved one another. They sacrificed their homes, their fields, their money, for one another. They were out and out to evangelize the world. And they went to many places, and they were received because of their purity, their honesty, their integrity. The first century of Christianity, is a century of miracles, of people who sacrificed even their lives because they loved Jesus Christ.

Now come to the Islamic society. The Islamic society was full of bloodshed. The first kaliph, Omar, was assassinated. Now Ottoman, who was the kaliph who really organized the Quran. And let me emphasize that, before Ottoman there were seven dialects for the Quran. The Quran get all the dialects, and made his own Quran. Can we know which is right and which is wrong? He burned them, all the Qurans, which is not at all a fair decision, because Ottoman should have left the other versions of the Quran for history, that people would come and compare between this Quran, and that Quran, and come to conclusions. But he burned them. And he made his own Quran. Let us forget about that. Then Ottoman was killed, assassinated. And you know what happened? The Muslims refused to bury him with Muslims. Could you believe that? They did not, they would not bury Ottoman with, in the graves of the Muslims. This caliph was despotic, bad. Ottoman was 84 years old when he died, and someone jumped on his body, cracked and broke his ribs because of revenge. And they did not permit his body to be buried with the Muslims. So he was buried in the graves of the Jews. This is the society of Islam!

And then you go to Algeria, in our days. More than 100,000 Muslims were killed. By whom? By Muslims. In Algeria, Muslims killed Muslims, more than 100,000. Muslims killed by Muslims. Well, the war between Iraq and Iran which took about maybe 10 years. You see, Iraq is Islamic, Iran is Islamic, but they fought. I think they said about 2,000,000 perished in that war. Recently, maybe about 2-3 days ago, the Washington Post had a full page. Drugs in Iran! And they showed a picture of a woman in prison. And the article said that almost about two, or three, or four million Iranians are drug addicted. But who supplied Iran with drugs? The Muslim country Afghanistan. Could you believe it? Here we have two Muslim countries, one is supplying the other with drugs. And this is the Islamic society. This is what we see, killing each other, even supplying drugs to destroy each other. And Islamic society is not at all a society which we can recommend.

Well, let me ask you this question. Would you, under any circumstances, if America, God forbid, becomes an Islamic country, would you like to live in a society like Saudi Arabia, that you have to be covered from head to toe as a woman? And you know why that covering? To cancel your personality as a woman. You are not here! Nobody would see you. You have no face. You are just a nothing. You then, you are not free. If you embrace Christianity, you would be beheaded. And then, no freedom of speech. If you print a book, the book should be censored. If it's not approved by the clerics of Muslims, it will be banned. Why? You want to live in a country like that?

And then again, I want to ask you a question, why do the Muslims from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Libya, Iraq, come to the United States, go to Australia, migrate to England, why do they come from there? Do you see people migrated to Saudi Arabia, or to Libya, or to Iran? Why not? Because no freedom. Islamic society is a despotic society, it is a society of torture. And I am saying that in history would say it is true. When this Khomeini became the dictator of Iran, Iran turned it to be another society all together. People lost their freedom, totally. You see, and if you are a free person, you embrace freedom, liberty, you would not at all embrace an Islamic society. No. And these are facts of history. These are facts that we can follow.

Let me tell you, where do we find terrorist all over the world? Who are doing this? Bin Laden is a Jew? Bin Laden is a Christian? Is he an Atheist? He is a fanatic Muslim! And he bombed the embassies of USA in the Nairobi, and elsewhere. And he is conspiring to attack US interests all over the world. Why? Why? Why don't we leave religion as a relationship between individuals and their god? God is going to judge me, so leave me alone. If I want to be an Atheist, well, if I want to be a Buddhist, OK. If you want to be a Jew, fine. If I want to be a Muslim, all right. If I want to be a Christian, good. But don't interfere in my spiritual life. You don't have that right. But any Islamic society gives itself the right to control all your behavior, from the bedroom to walking in the street. This is according to Islam. So this is the difference between the Christian society, with freedom, with love, with kindness, with hospitals, with schools, with people who are smiling all over, and those poor people who are really facing despotic dictators all over the Islamic countries. That's it.


0 # mohamed nazeer moham 2013-09-14 16:02
i love in my family and all muslims family :sad: :lol:
0 # AliNashir 2014-12-31 19:35
Dear mr.labib
please let me correct you im muslim and go to a muslim not going against Christian society but your explain bloodshed of Islam but the Christian society also had bloodshed. And women have a choice to cover them. And the quran was never re write or burn and they do make copy of the quran but they do the same copy on changes or adds to it. please i respect every religion but dr.labib first take out dr. and fix ur facts straight. :sigh:
0 # Kelton 2016-04-26 20:18
This was a very interesting post. I was very curious about Islamic society and some of the cultural practices that Muslims practices, so this article was very helpful. I also found it very interesting that the Islamic society has been characterized by bloodshed.
0 # Holly 2016-04-27 18:10
I found this article to be quite interesting. I did not know much about Islamic societies and this article gave me a basic opinion of what it is and what it entails.
0 # Olivia 2016-04-28 01:14
This article goes against most of the things that Haroon Siddiqui says in his book Being Muslim which I just read as an assignment. Siddiqui would say that Muslims are unjustly stereotyped as violent, but after reading this article I think that one should reconsider that. There is a lot of violence used throughout Islamic history . Perhaps ther is some legitimacy to the stereotype.
0 # PENNI 2016-10-23 00:04
Why do Allah have respect of person(meaning that he only loves them that obey him.

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