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  • Islam Muhammad And The Quran
    Karaz Bishara
    God is loving, but He is also just. There was a reason why He gave the commands He did regarding some of the people in ...
  • Islam Muhammad And The Quran
    I believe God is loving, and would not command to kill people. But in history of Israel God did command them to exterminate ...
  • Muslim's Paradise, and Christian's Heaven
    Paradise vs. Heaven? You don't go to heaven for killing people who believe in paradise. The God of Islam and the God ...
  • Islam Muhammad And The Quran
    It is really disgusting. People who like this kind of life embrace Islam. Though it is most Unholy act, they called it ...
  • Islam Muhammad And The Quran
    Yusuf O. Ogudu-nwoji, Where is the straight path in Quran. Quran teaches crooked path to rape, kill, loot, tax the non ...