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  • How did Mohammed die?
    jose luis sanchez
    How dare you compare Mohammed with Jesus. Mohammed is dead and Jesus is alive at the right hand of the Father.
  • What would happen to a person who leaves Islam?
    The law of apostasy shows a lot of insecurity. Why should one be forced to stay in one religion anyway?I grew up a Christian ...
  • Miracles of Mohammed and Christ
    Karaz Bishara
    My friend, raising from the dead IS proof. It was witnessed by more than 500 people. That is evidence enough to confirm the ...
  • Miracles of Mohammed and Christ
    The Truth
    You did not give me any tangible proof of survival of the miracles of Jesus after his death.DON NOT SAY "RAISING FROM THE ...
  • Was Muhammad a true prophet?
    The problem with you muslims is that you yourselves are your worst enemies. How can you profess with such arrogance ...