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  • Women mentioned in the Quran
    Karaz Bishara
    Izaan, those come from the New Testament and they say the same thing in English as the original languages. Since both the ...
  • Muslim's Paradise, and Christian's Heaven
    Barry Gaines
    I believe that no matter whether the bible or the Quran that the promise of heaven is present and open to interpretation ...
  • Was Muhammad a true prophet?
    John Roberts
    How little thinking goes into being Muslim. It's blind acceptance of a man and a book and an alleged angelic appearance.
  • Was Muhammad a true prophet?
    Al hajji Allah
    Read more my brother and understand. Mohammad is successiful in what? Defilement, rape, promising wine and 72 women in ...
  • Was Muhammad a true prophet?
    Al hajji Allah
    If the choice is, me to go to the Heaven of Allah, where they promise wine, 72 vergines etc etc, I rather not go there. God ...