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  • Guarantee of eternal life
    Ken bro
    Yes Peyton, there are similarities between Islam and Catholicism, and Judaism for that matter. By way of contrast: Jesus ...
  • Guarantee of eternal life
    Ken bro
    Hi Isabel, It is not a matter of judging anyone.However it would be tragic if God had revealed a sure way of access to ...
  • Why are so many people embracing Islam?
    Honestly, there are so many ignorant assertions that are being stated! Being a Muslim is really difficult. If you are ...
  • Why women are so oppressed among the Islam?
    Elijah Ehr
    I do not understand why woman are put down in value. I feel like it may have to do with the face that Allah and Muhammad ...
  • Guarantee of eternal life
    Honestly, this article is so irritating. There are many religions where you don't have a 100% assurance that you will ...