Is Jesus Christ God’s Last Messenger, or is it Muhammad?

This book is written to give the answer to this question.
There are great contradictions between the Bible and the Quran. The stories of the Quran are distorted stories of the Bible. In addition, Jesus did not come to modify Judaism, He came to fulfill the prophecies of the Old testament.
May the Muslim reader read this book with an open mind and examine the verses mentioned in it and think seriously about his or her eternal destiny.
Muslims in the West are trying to introduce Muhammad to the Christians as the Last Messenger of God. It is very important to introduce Jesus Christ in His uniqueness and glory to the Muslims and give every one a chance to choose, either Jesus or Muhammad.

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Dedication and Introduction Administrator 4701
Chapter 1: Christianity's Solid Foundation Administrator 3743
Chapter 2: The Bible Was Never Corrupted Administrator 5518
Chapter 3: The Biblical Proofs of the Deity of Jesus Christ Administrator 9247
Chapter 4: The Biblical Revelation of the Triune God and the identity of Jesus Christ Administrator 5238
Chapter 5: The redemption of Mankind Administrator 7578
Chapter 6: Evidences That Demand A Verdict Administrator 3681
Chapter 7: What shall you do with Jesus Christ? Administrator 3230

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