• The Spirit of Islam

    The Spirit of Islam

    This website is dedicated to informing the public about the religion of Islam from a Christian perspective.
    It primarily contains the writings and videos of renowned Biblical and Islamic scholar, Dr. Labib Mikhail.

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For Christian Pastors

  • New training session presented by Dr. Labib and intended to train Christians on how to present the Bible to them.


Islam and Terrorism

I was quite honored when the Christian Coalition of America invited me to be part of this symposium on Islam.

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Do Christians Believe in the Qur'an?

Do Christians Believe in the Qur'an?

There is a lot of talk these days (and a fair bit of arguing) about whether Christians and Muslims are one and the same. Do we worship the same God even though we adhere to different ideas and read different books? Are we really just one underneath all of the politics and talking heads? Are all Muslims terrorists and all Christians hatemongers? Well, let's take this question one step at a time and start with this - do Christians believe in the Qur'an?

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