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Why women are so oppressed among the Islam?

Q5. Host: You mentioned the seed of the woman. Do you think that maybe why women are so oppressed among the Islam? (1:20)


Dr. Labib: Well, I think that when they say, when the Bible says 'the seed of the woman' of course, it was mentioning Mary as the mother of Jesus. But the Koran did not mention any name of any woman, because woman has no value in Islam. Period! Who are the wives of Mohammed? You know, you go to the Bible and you read about David, and you will read about the names of every wife of David. You go to Jacob, you know Rachel and Leah. Anyone, in fact, when you go to the book of 1 Kings, and 2 Kings, when the Bible mentions the name of the king, it says, "he was the son of that woman," and mentions the name of that woman, not the father, the woman, the mother. You see, because women have value in Christianity and Judaism. In Islam no value, that is very plain.


+1 # Reiichi Kawaii 2012-05-23 12:53
sorry, but i think you got it wrong.
maybe you have mistaken. In Quran there are names of women.
Surah Maryam (Mary)
Surah Nisa'
Balqis (Queen of Saba)
and many more. you just need to do some studies before you led others to stray path. there are wives of Muhammad mentioned in history and Hadith. All 13 of them, and I can tell you each of them if you want me to.
Islam is the religion who takes great care of women.
Peace be upon u
0 # John 2015-05-17 23:15
He said in Quran, not hadith. Women in Islam are meaningless... :o

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