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God vs Allah

There is only one true God, who revealed Himself in the Bible, through His prophets. And if we compare between the God of the Christians, and Allah of the Muslims, we will see a lot of differences.

God & Allah

How is Allah of Islam different from God of the Christians in the plan of salvation?


Q6. Host: How is Allah of Islam different from God of the Christians in the plan of salvation?


Dr. Labib: When you go to the book of [1Peter], you notice that the plan of salvation was established before the foundation of the earth. And this is very interesting, because God was not taken by surprise when Adam sinned. He knew that He would create Adam. He knew that Adam would sin, and before the foundation of the earth He planned a way of salvation. And that way of salvation was through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. And as Peter said in [1 Peter 1:18], "the precious blood of a lamb without blemish." You know, this is what happened exactly. The plan of God was to save man through the blood of Jesus Christ. What did Mohammed say? He denied totally and completely the crucifixion of Christ. And in surat AN-NISA, that is surah 4, verse 157, it is said, "they did not crucify him, nor kill him." Black and white! How could it be? The plan of God is to save mankind through the dead blood of Jesus Christ. And now, after 600 years, someone will come and tell us, "No, no, no. He was not crucified. He was not killed." If he was not crucified, if he was not killed, then the four gospels are null and void. The story of Christianity is all together false, and that cannot be accepted. The plan of salvation is through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Another thing that Mohammed ignored is that everybody who is born on the planet earth is dead spiritually. You know, in the book of [John], Jesus said that the hour has come and now is, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of man, and they will be alive." And then, in [Ephesians], "you were dead in trespasses and sin." Now, the question is that, if I am dead, how could I save myself? The dead man cannot do any good work. Mohammed said that good deeds annul bad deeds in the Koran. How could any dead man do a good deed? If I am dead, the only thing expected of me is stench. You see, people will smell the stench coming from me. If I am dead, I am dead. And if Mohammed had known that fact, that every human being is born dead, there is no way to say that salvation is through good deeds, because dead people cannot do good deeds at all. The only way for the salvation of the dead man is to get life. And who grants us life, but Jesus Christ? He is the life, and we read in [1 John chapter 5], and in many parts of the New Testament, that life is in Jesus Christ. And once we have Jesus Christ in our heart, eternal life will be imparted to us; we are not dead anymore. And then we can do good deeds. But before that good deeds cannot be done because dead people cannot do good deeds. The plan of salvation according to the God of Christianity is totally different from any plan in the Koran. The plan in the Koran has no hope for the Muslims, and this is why the Koran says to the Muslims that every Muslim will enter hell. Why? Because there is no way! The only way to be saved from the wrath of God, from hell, is through the death of Jesus Christ. The wages of sin is death. The wage of sin is not fasting, is not pilgrimage to Mecca or Jerusalem; it is not giving to the poor, it is not any of these things. The wages of sin is death. And Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay that penalty for our sins. And because He is our creator, then His value is more than His creation. He can redeem all mankind. This is why the plan of salvation in the Bible is different than the plan of salvation in the Koran. And I would say again, there is a difference between Allah of the Muslims, and God of the Christians concerning their plan of salvation.


Surat AN-NISA - 4 (WOMEN)

YUSUFALI: That they said (in boast), "We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah";- but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not:-
PICKTHAL: And because of their saying: We slew the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, Allah's messenger - they slew him not nor crucified him, but it appeared so unto them; and lo! those who disagree concerning it are in doubt thereof; they have no knowledge thereof save pursuit of a conjecture; they slew him not for certain.
SHAKIR: And their saying: Surely we have killed the Messiah, Isa son of Marium, the messenger of Allah; and they did not kill him nor did they crucify him, but it appeared to them so (like Isa) and most surely those who differ therein are only in a doubt about it; they have no knowledge respecting it, but only follow a conjecture, and they killed him not for sure.

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