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    God vs Allah

    There is only one true God, who revealed Himself in the Bible, through His prophets. And if we
    compare between the God of the Christians, and Allah of the Muslims, we will see a lot of differences.

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God & Allah

The conclusion that Allah is different from God of the Christians


Q5. Host: How did you come to the conclusion that Allah is different from God of the Christians in regards to the commandments?


Dr. Labib: Well, you see, there is a difference between Allah of Islam and God of Christianity concerning the commandments of Allah and of God. In the Bible, when you go to the book of Matthew to the sermon on the Mount, Jesus was talking to the people, to his disciples, and this is what He said, and I want you to listen carefully. You see, he said here in the book of [Matthew, chapter 5], "Furthermore, it has been said, whoever divorces his wife, let him give her a certificate of divorce. But I say to you that whoever divorces his wife for any reason except sexual immorality, causes her to commit adultery. And whoever marries a woman who is divorced, commits adultery." Listen, here we have the whole story. The Bible is very clear, whoever marries a woman who is divorced commits adultery. Of course, He is speaking about the woman who was divorced for adultery. He said, "If a woman was divorced because she committed adultery, it's a sin to marry her."

But in the case of Mohammed, let us come to Mohammed in the Koran, and in surat Alahzab, and the story is very interesting. He has a slave by the name Zeid Ebin Haricha. This slave was converted to Islam. Mohammed, to reward him, he took him by hand, he went to the marketplace, and he declared to all the officials of Mecca, "This is Zeid, my adoptive son. He is my heir." Well, this is great. Then he went to one of his relatives, I mean prophet Mohammed; her name was Zeinab Bint Gahsh, Zeinab the daughter of Gahsh. And he said to her, "Zeinab, I want you to marry Zeid." Zeinab was from a high rank, and she said, "Prophet Mohammed, how could it be? I am from a high rank. Zeid is a slave. Yes, you gave him freedom. Yes, he became a Muslim, but well, he was a slave. I am from a high rank." Well, Mohammad came by a revelation which is written in the Koran, and that revelation says, "There is no way for any Muslim, whoever he is, a man or a woman, if Allah and his apostle Mohammed will make a decision that he would have any option, but to obey this decision." Well, what was the decision? That Zeinab must marry Zeid. Zeinab submitted; she married Zeid. Time went by. Now Mohammed used to go and visit the home of his adoptive son. And one day upon his visit, Zeinab was in her nightgown. He saw her. He lusted after her. He left home saying to himself, "Oh, praise God who changes heart." Well, when her husband came, she said to him, "You know, the prophet saw me, admired me, and I guess that you have to divorce me." And the marriage of Zeinab and Zeid was the most miserable marriage even though it was the decision of Allah and his prophet Mohammed, but it was the most miserable marriage. And to make the long story short, Zeid went to Mohammed. Mohammed said to him, "Don't divorce your wife." Then a revelation came from Allah to Mohammed, and the revelation said, "When Zeid will divorce Zeinab, I have given Zeinab to you, Mohammed, to marry her." What? In the sermon of the mount, whoever marries a woman who was divorced commits adultery. Would God contradict himself? No way! The whole thing of the revelation that came to Mohammed was not from Allah, I mean not from the true God, because the true God will never ever contradict himself. If He says that it is forbidden to marry a woman who was divorced, Mohammed or any other person could not marry that person. But Mohammed, to satisfy his desire, and because Zeinab was so beautiful, they divorced her, Mohammed married her, and she used to boast to the other wives of Mohammed saying, "Every one of you have been given to Mohammed to marry by her father. But I have been given to Mohammed by Allah!" What a thing. There is a big difference between the holiness of God, the God of the Christians, and the permissiveness of the Allah of Islam.


+1 #7 Jordan 2016-04-28 16:35
This wasn't a very clear explanation of how the God of Christians' commandments are different? This was an interesting story about the prophet Mohammed, but I don't understand.. Did he lie to Zeinab about the revelation he had? She believed that Allah had told Mohammed to marry her, but Allah would never contradict himself according to this answer. I'm trying to understand the point that was trying to be given through this answer, so if anyone has anything to share it would be greatly appreciated.
+2 #6 Karaz Bishara 2014-11-24 22:09
The God of the Bible is the Creator of the universe and everything we know. He is the sustainer of life. He is perfectly holy, perfectly good, righteous, just, all-knowing, all-powerful, savior, redeemer and messiah. Because God is completely perfect and people are not, there is a separation between us and Him. We cannot possibly do enough good to remove the imperfectness from within us. The only one who can take that away is God. So God came down to the earth, called Himself Jesus, lived the perfect life we could never live and took the punishment we deserve by dying on the cross. He proved that He is God by rising from the dead three days later! It is belief in God's work through Jesus on the cross that we can have a relationship with God. Jesus is called the "Son" similarly to Arabs being called "sons of the desert." Jesus so reveals the attributes of God, that he is the "Son" - the image of God Himself. God did not marry anyone and have a child - that is wrong!
0 #5 chris 2012-07-20 14:24
So then, how did the early Christians become Christians and save their souls? By reading the Bible? No, because there was no New Testament. For over three hundred years, the Church did not have all the books of the Bible compiled into one book. And this brings us right to the question of Authority. Because if you give me a book — call it The Bible — and you tell me that everything in that book is the infallible Word of God, the first thing I’m going to ask is, “Who says?”

Books don’t write themselves. Books by multiple authors don’t just compile themselves into one big book, and then proclaim itself to be the written Word of God. You remember there were a number of other “Gospels” and “Epistles” circulating; some written by good and holy men but were not the inspired word of God (for example, the Epistles of St. Clement). Others were just plain fabrications, such as the so-called Gospel of Pilate or the Gospel of Nicodemus.
-3 #4 chris 2012-07-20 14:22
Jesus (A.S) said search for the truth and it shall set you free...and is not good for us to know how the bible is written or compiled?...was there a bible during Jesus Christ days?...what did he believe or what was he preaching during his life time....the New Testament were not written until 65 years after Our Lord left the earth. And we saw that the Christian World did not even have a complete, compiled Bible until the year 397 A.D.; and were not even available for mass distribution until the middle of the 15th Century
0 #3 None 2012-02-12 23:43
I wanna ask, who is your God in bible and how he looks like? Whats difference from jesus and god? If jesus is a son and god is a father then maryam is a mother it means maryam and god married??
+12 #2 Abd El-Massih 2011-09-08 17:23
Yes we are examining the claims of Islam and in particular its founder under the magnifying word of God - that is the Bible. We believe it is the living word of God and the only true word of God. Therefore, we are biased in that sense. If you can prove to us that the Bible is not the word of God, then we are all ears to hear your claim.
-9 #1 aAmer 2011-05-21 19:47
"The whole thing of the revelation that came to Mohammed was not from Allah, I mean not from the true God, because the true God will never ever contradict himself. If He says that it is forbidden to marry a woman who was divorced, Mohammed or any other person could not marry " Dr LABIB, this is not a fair discussion, because you have assumed that what you read in the bible is true 100% and then you are discussing the quran verses based on that assumption.the heart of the issue is that whether the bible or the quran are true revelations.if you start as such then you will have an objective argument otherwise you are biased.
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