• God's Last Messenger?

    God's Last Messenger?

    There are great contradictions between the Bible and the Quran.
    The stories of the Quran are distorted stories of the Bible.

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Islam Muhammad And The Quran

Islam Muhammad And The Quran Muhammad is one of the most controversial person in the history of mankind.  Muslims believe that he is the greatest prophet, the seal of the prophets, and that no prophet will come after him.  Christians believe that Muhammad is a false prophet.

More than eight hundred million human beings confess Islam, the religion Muhammad founded. Therefore it is important to know Muhammad and his teachings.

It is fitting that we study Muhammad's life from his birth to his death as well as the Quran.   Thomas Carlyle, a Scottish historian who lived between 1795 and 1881, wrote concerning Muhammad:


Can it be possible that so many creatures have lived and died for something which must be regared as a tragic fraud?

Because of the great number of people who follow Muhammad and his religion, Islam, Carlye assumed that Muhammad was sincere and original.  Carlyle forgot what the Lord Jesus Christ said:

Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.  Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it (Matthew 7:13, 14, NKJ)

We cannot judge any religion by the number of its adherents.
Alighieri Dante, the Italian poet who lived between the years 1265 and 1321 A.D., wrote THE DIVINE COMEDY.  In it he describes Muhammad, with his body split from the head down to the waist, in the twenty-eight sphere of the inferno and shows him tearing apart his severed breast with his own hands, because he is the chief among the damned souls who have brought schism into religion.

To the medieval mind, Muhammad's claim to deliver a divine revelatin, superseding Judaism and Christianity, can only be regarded as an implausible fraud.  Yet, Anis Mansoor, a well known Egyptian journalist, wrote a book entitled THE DISTINGUISHED PERSONALITIES IN HISTORY ARE ONE HUNDRED, MUHAMMAD IS THE GREATEST OF THEM. How can there be such diverse and extreme opinions regarding one man such as there are about Muhammad?

Let us study this man Muhammad.  Let us also study the Quran.

This book is a documented analysis of Muhammad's life: his roots, his marriages, his call, his migration, his battles, and his death.  It is also a documented analysis of the Quran, which the Muslims spell "Qur'an."

What is the Quran? The Quran is the Muslims's Holy Book - they call it "The Glorious Qur'an" or "Al-Mushaf Al-Shareef."  The Quran came almost 600 years after Christ.  Many of its contents contradict the Bible and it records many of the Bible stories with great distortion.  It commands the killing of Jews and Christians, permits polygamy (marring more than one woman at one time), permits the husband to beat his wife, and permits a Muslim man to marry a Christian or a Jewish woman, but forbids the Muslim woman to marry a Christian or a Jew.  Many more things are mentioned in this book.

It would be helpful for the English speaking reader to buy an English translation of the Quran and read it carefully to see the great contradictions between it and the Bible, and at the same time to discover the discrepancies in the Quran itself.

This book compares the Quran and the Bible.  It has been written after many years of research to inform the English speaking people concerning Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, and the Quran.
It is offered with much prayer.

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0 #45 Karaz Bishara 2015-08-04 22:44
God is loving, but He is also just. There was a reason why He gave the commands He did regarding some of the people in Canaan. He did not, however, ever command His people to just blatantly kill all and anyone who doesn't believe in Him. If He had done that, there would be no reason for Him to die for the sin of all peoples. Rachmat, there must be punishment for sin. Jesus died for our sin. That is loving and it is also just.
0 #44 Rachmat 2015-08-03 02:24
I believe God is loving, and would not command to kill people.
But in history of Israel God did command them to exterminate the indegeneous canaan people while Israel entering the land.

That justifying reason for muslims to do the same NOW for the cause of their allah. To kill infidels.

How is your response to that?
+2 #43 Jbil 2015-07-29 07:28
It is really disgusting. People who like this kind of life embrace Islam. Though it is most Unholy act, they called it holy. There are few who like to follow Right path( narrow path) and Many like to follow the evil path.
May God show you the light.
0 #42 Jbil 2015-07-29 07:27
Yusuf O. Ogudu-nwoji, Where is the straight path in Quran. Quran teaches crooked path to rape, kill, loot, tax the non believers. All these are sin in the sight of Christianity. And you tell the disgusting thing and say the quran is true path. Today millions of people are misguided with unholy Quran. This Quran is nothing less than Pornography where you can read about killing, raping, slavery to others women, looting.
+1 #41 Erik 2015-07-09 22:52
Better stop ur lies.... Muslims are told to believe in the Bible but funny enough they claim the book is corrupted so they actually don't even respect Jesus above Mohammad never even though Jesus ascended to heaven and sits on the right hand of all.. That means he is higly exalted above all... Quran 4:158... Muslims are joking to say they believe in the Bible. They don't. They don't even read and busy criticising it,,, nowhere Quraan says the Bible is corrupt and no just Islamic scholars. The book came before Quraan. It was only the Torah and Bible but Quraan came under Mohammad who once claimed to be enchanted. What a shame. The Bible clears Numbers 23:23 and Psalms 105:15 Do not touch my Anointed one and do my prophets no harm... Quraan leads many astray. The truth is in the Bible.
0 #40 Questioning All 2015-04-12 16:31
I do not believe that God would command his people to kill other people because they do not have the same belief. That is an act of man. Do not argue over Dogma that too is an act of man. I believe that God is a loving God and loves all of his Creation. He makes no mistakes. He supports no rule or law that would hurt another without just cause. Love will conquer all. Hatred is the spawn of the Devil. Go forth and spread God's Love throughout the World.
0 #39 E.T. 2015-02-01 02:20
Jews were only mainly allowed to do that in certain instances,certain circumstances. Like when a mans brother had died and he had not had children,his brother should marry his widow and have children with her. They were supposed to give the first born son the name of his deceased brother to keep his lineage going. God always ordained it to be one man,one woman. Just like with the issue of divorce,God didn't condone it,but he allowed it.He made only one wife for Adam,and he told Noah to take his one wife on the Arc with him,he could have told him to get more wives to help him repopulate the earth,but he didn't tell him that. Yes,some people did that in some tribes,and at certain times,but only of their own accord,God actually didn't want that,becuz it can cause alot of problems and strife.Man and woman were meant to be as 2 halves of one whole,united as one.3 women to one man,do not equate to equal halves.It's just men giving men the right/excuse to take advantage and be self indulgent.
0 #38 Sam 2014-12-28 06:31
Dear Amy, do you believe that someone (Muslim)cannot understand quran without hadith? Dont you believe Muslim must take a role model from Muhammad (which is known in hadith)? Muhammad himself practice mut'ah to the slave he captured from the war? And he encourage hid followers to practice it. Quran allowed man to have 4 wives (maximum) but Muhammad (according to hadith) had 11 wives. He married a 9 year girl, premenstrueted child (Aisyah), etc etc. Muhammad never saw a woman equal to man.
0 #37 Sam 2014-12-27 17:20
Dear, Yusuf, i m not an expert of Quuran. But I studied quran and hadith, all that i can say, it doesnt make any sense. Its not from the Jews or Christian source, but from the trustable Muslim source. ie QS 36:38 “And the sun runs on course towards its stoping point”. U have to study it with the hadith Sahih Bukhari (English transl, by DR Muhammad Muslim Khan) vol 4 book 54 no 421. U can read it and will find that according to Muhammad, the sun have a ruh so it can be prostrated and pray (ask permission). U can read all of Muhammads behaviour that so embaraced to talk from the trustable Muslim sources.I can tell here, but i cant (coz it so embaraced). I haver a tons of evidence that Muhammad is not a true prophet
+1 #36 Sam 2014-12-27 17:10
Brother Shazad, 1. there is an ayat (verse) of quran that Muslim never did. read QS 3: 84. If someone make a cartoon of prophet Yunus, Ibrahim, Musa, Isa etc,will Muslim attack him just like when he did it to Muhammad? I dont think so. Deep in all of Mulsim mind, Muhammad already became a second god. 2. Quran that we have right now is not an original quran, said 2 expert of quran whom Muhammad recommended (Abdullah ibn Mas’ood and Ubay ibn Khab). Even Aiyah (Muhammad s third wife) said that.Read ur sahih Bukhafri and sahih Muslim. 3. Quran say that Bible which we have today is not corrupted. Read ur quran carefully and objectively.
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