Jesus & Mohammed

Miracles of Mohammed and Christ


Q13. Dr. Labib, would you discuss the miracles of Mohammed and the miracles that Christ performed?


Well, according to the Quran Mohammed did not perform any miracles. You know, you go to the Quran, in surat Al Ankabout, that is surat number 29, and read verse 50. What do we read there? "And they say, why are not signs, miracles, send down to him, to Mohammed, from his lord?" Says, "Oh, Mohammed, the signs are only with Allah, and I am only a plain warner." So in very plain words, Mohammed said, "I am not a miracle worker." But miracles is to authenticate the prophethood of any true prophet. You remember, when Jehovah, God, met Moses at the burning bush, and they had their discussion. And then Moses said to Jehovah, to God, "If I go to the people of Israel, they will not believe me. How can I prove that I have met you?" And He gave him three miracles to perform. He says, "These miracles will prove that you are my prophet, you are my chosen man." Jesus Christ when He came He said, "If you do not believe me believe in the miracles I am doing." With Mohammed, he said, "I can't do any miracles. Miracles are only with God. I am only a plain warner." So we cannot say that Mohammed is the messenger of God, who came to begin, or establish a new religion. A prophet with no miracles is not prophet at all. Of course, when the clerics, the Moslem clerics encountered that fact, they said, "Wait a minute, Mohammed had the greatest miracles." What is it? What is it? It is the Quran! You mean to tell me that the Quran is the greatest miracles of Mohammed? Well, the miracle should be understood by any nationality, by anybody. To raise a dead man, this is a miracle considered in Europe, Australia, America, Africa, anywhere. It doesn't need any intelligent man to say this is a miracle to raise a dead man. But to give a man who doesn't know Arabic the Quran, and say, "This is a miracle," and he would say, "Are you kidding me? What miracle? I don't understand this language. I don't understand Arabic. How could I say that this is a miracle?" Oh, because this book is fabulous, the language is so great! But I don't understand the language! I cannot confirm, say that this is a miracle for me. It might be a miracle for you, but not for me.

So Mohammed did not make any miracles. But concerning Jesus Christ, the whole New Testament is full of miracles. He cleansed the lepers, raised the dead, healed the sick, cast out demons, story, after story, after story. He stood in front of the tomb of Lazarus four days. The man stinks! When He said, "Take off the stone," Martha, the sister of Lazarus came to Jesus and said, "Master, he stinks. It has been four days. We cannot stand!" And He said, "Take off the stone." And it was one sentence, "Lazarus, come forward." And the dead man who stinks came alive! That is our Jesus! That is Jesus Christ!

Mohammed never cast a devil, but as we have said before, he was under the sway of Satan. He never did a miracle. The Quran is not a miracle, and not only because it is not understood by everyone, but because it is full of errors. When you come to the Quran and you read in surat Al Gathia, "Do they not considered the Earth, how it was flattened out?" Flattend? The Earth is not flat, it is a circle. And you go to the book of Isaiah 40:20 and you read, "who sits on the circle of the Earth." Isaiah, who came 700 years before Christ, indicates clearly that planet Earth is a circle. Mohammed, who came 600 after Christ, said that the planet Earth is flat. And you go to the first sourat given to Mohammed. What was the first sourat given to Mohammed? "Read in the name of thy Lord who created men from the clot." What is clot? It is frozen blood. Man was not created from frozen blood. Man was created from the dust. And when you go to science, medicine, there is no time in the woman's womb that the fetus is a frozen blood. No time. So the Quran is full of scientific errors, grammatical errors, and I cannot elaborate in that because it would take time; it would take a long, long time. But Jesus is a miracle worker, and I would say again, and again, if the prophet is really a prophet, he should perform miracles because miracles authenticate the prophethood of the true prophet. Since Mohammed didn't do any miracles, he is no prophet. Period.