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True Prophet?

Mohammed was not a true prophet. And I say that because, you see, the true prophet must receive a direct call from God, especially if he will be the founder of a religion. Mohammed didn't receive a direct call from God.

Jesus & Mohammed

Is Mohammed the comforter, the Holy Spirit?


Q6. Host: Some of the Muslim scholars claim that Mohammed is the comforter, the Holy Spirit. Can you comment on this? (6:24)


Dr. Labib: Well, you know, there is a man by the name Ibn Tamima. He was one of the very well known Imam, many, many years ago. And he wrote a very large book. And in his book he said, that Mohammed is a prophet like Moses. The Holy Spirit is a prophecy about Mohammed. He said more than that. In Psalm 84, there is a verse that is saying that people will go in the valley of weeping, and they make it as a source of comfort. You know, in Arabic, the valley of weeping means Bouka. And he said Bouka is Mecca. And the Mecca, this is a prophecy about Islam, about Mohammed. He came to Mecca, and he fulfilled that prophecy.

In one of my books I said, "Come on here, this is no prophecy at all, because the Bible, the psalmist was speaking about people who will pass through the valley of sorrow, of suffering, and through the comfort and the joy of the Lord, will change the weeping and the suffering into joy and peace. And now you go, you come and tell me that this is a prophecy about Mohammed? What is that all about?

Now we come to the comforter of the Holy Spirit. What did Jesus say about that? He said that this comforter is the Spirit. Was Mohammed a spirit? Is one questions. A spirit? "I will send you the spirit of truth." But Mohammed was human, he was not spirit. He was a human being, with a body. Number two, the paraclitus, in the Greek word means 'comforter'. It doesn't mean Mohammed or Ahmed. Nothing like that! Then again, Jesus said to the disciples, "I am going to send to you the comforter, not after many days." Mohammed came after 600 years. How could he be the comforter? Again, He said, "When this comforter will come, he will glorify me." Mohammed didn't glorify Jesus Christ. In fact, he degraded Jesus Christ. And he said, and this is in the Arabic word, In English it is, "The similitude of Jesus is like Adam. He created him from the dust, and He said to him, "Be," and he was." He degraded Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God.

So, to say that the comforter, the Holy Spirit, who came to magnify, and to glorify Jesus Christ is Mohammed. And then Jesus said about the Holy Spirit, "He will remind you of all what I have said to you." Listen, without the Holy Spirit? How could the gospel will be written? Who could memorize the whole sermon on the Mount? But the Holy Spirit brought all the sermon of the Mount to the mind of Matthew, and he wrote it word by word. You see, and he reminded the disciples of all the sayings of Jesus Christ, of all the miracles of Jesus Christ. And they wrote it word by word. Why? Because there was the element of the Holy Spirit. Did Mohammed do that? Mohammed didn't do that. Mohammed distorted the Bible. He distorted the Bible all together. So Mohammed is not the Holy Spirit, and to say that he is the Holy Spirit, well, it is just to say something not in the Bible.

Why do the, Muslim clerics want to refer to the Bible to find something about Mohammed there, while they are saying that the Bible was corrupted? If the Bible was corrupted, why are you searching for a verse here, and a verse there, referring to Mohammed? They say the "Bible is corrupted! Leave it alone!" But with their saying that the Bible was fabricated, was corrupted, they are really dying to find a verse here, or a verse there to speak about Mohammed.You know, you go to Isaiah Chapter 42, when he speaks about the servant of the Lord, and they said that the servant of the Lord is Mohammed. Come on here, what are you talking about? Matthew said that this same prophecy was fulfilled to the letter, in Jesus Christ. How can you come and say this verse is concerning Mohammed?

So we just forget about that illusion, that the comforter was Mohammed. Mohammed was not the Holy Spirit!

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