• True Prophet?

    True Prophet?

    Mohammed was not a true prophet. And I say that because, you see, the true prophet must receive a direct call
    from God, especially if he will be the founder of a religion. Mohammed didn't receive a direct call from God.

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Jesus & Mohammed

Proving for Muslims that Jesus is God

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Satan must have misled one group. Either Jesus is God, and Muslims have been fiendishly misled, dying in battle needlessly. Or else, Jesus is not God, and Christians have been fiendishly misled being killed for their faith, even by Muslims, in vain. Do you agree that one must be fundamentally wrong?

If God did in fact reveal Himself, either through the preserved teachings of Jesus, or the preserved teachings of Mohammed, how could an objective person tell which was true? This paper proposes a way, but first I have to acknowledge three things to you.


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