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The Jihad war, does it still apply?


Q2. Host: What is the Jihad war, and does it still apply today in Islam?


Dr. Labib: You have it, they call it "the Holy Jihad'. What does Holy Jihad mean? The Holy Jihad is to fight the Jews and the Christians, to conquer them, and to make Islam the only religion of the land. And in the Koran, there is a very clear verse, "Fight until Islam will be the dominating religion, not only in Saudi Arabia, or Libya, or Tunisia, but in all region, they are dreaming about an Islamic empire that will cover the whole earth. And that is according to the Koran. So when they speak about peace in the Koran, there is no talk about peace. There is no talk about peace. In fact, they say, "Go fight, go fight, go fight, and especially Jews and Christians."And in one of my books I said, "But why not Buddhists?" Buddhism is a well known religion, and it has millions of adherents, why don't you fight them? At least they don't believe in a god. You see, he didn't care, because Buddhism was not there. It was in India, far from him, so he didn't care. But he cared for the religions around Arabia. And when he went to Egypt, he forced millions of Coptic Christians in Egypt to be Muslims. He conquered Iran, Persia, and he made the Persians Muslims. And he conquered Syria, and he made it an Islamic country. And so on and so forth. It's all by sword, it's all by force. They can't deny that. They cannot deny that.