• The Jihad War?

    The Jihad War?

    You have it, they call it "the Holy Jihad". What does Holy Jihad mean? The Holy Jihad is to fight
    the Jews and the Christians, to conquer them, and to make Islam the only religion of the land.

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Jihad & Life Standards

How you came to be an authority on the Koran?


Q1. Host: Would you please let us know the details of your credentials, and how you came to be an authority on the Koran?


Dr. Labib: We recorded these series because we care for every Muslim, in fact for every Christian, because there are so many Christians who ignore totally all about Islam. And we want to tell them the truth about Islam. And as you have seen, all that I have said is totally documented. We did not invent anything. What we have said about the standards of Islam is from the Koran. If we have spoken about the Allah in the Islam, it is from the Koran. All of the subjects we dealt with, are documented carefully, honestly, strictly, and I do pray that the Lord may use these series to enlighten many people. I pray that they would come to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the only savior. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the father, but by me." Jesus is the only way to approach God the Father, to have eternal life. And I invite you to open your heart, and your mind, and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, that you might be saved, granted forgiveness, and eternal life. May God bless you!


0 #8 Jessica 2016-04-28 00:44
I think all of the information on this website is interesting and helpful, and I think this website has helped me understand a little more about the muslim faith.
0 #7 Lydia Nesser 2016-04-28 00:15
This reply confused me... I'm not sure whether he is Mulsim or Christian, but this reply makes it sound like both... What? I have to do more research now.
0 #6 Eric 2016-04-27 22:30
I really like all of your information; I learned a lot!
-2 #5 Amy 2016-04-27 17:46
Dr. Labib did a great job with that answer! It's true that many Christians ignore Islam, and that is wrong. Religions should respect each other!
-2 #4 Zach 2016-04-27 14:19
Also, if you want an open discussion, don't review the comments before they are posted. Restricting people's ability to speak their opinions is not fair.
0 #3 Zach 2016-04-27 14:16
I'm sorry, but I can't help but mention that you never gave us any specific credentials. I am a Christian myself, but I do not think that this site is converting anyone. If you really want to change someone's mind about a religion, you need to have someone from that religion to talk about it. I appreciate what you are trying to do, but I do not think this is an effective approach.
+8 #2 Richard Cupal 2011-09-23 12:48
This site helped me alot! As a believer of the Lord Jesus Christ.. I do bless you people, the creators of this page, by the grace of God. I do pray, peace for every Islamic Countries and hope truth will enlighten them, that there is no other God and Savior but the Lord Jesus Christ... The after image of the Invisible God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God bless you! Mabuhay Kayo!
+7 #1 Ademir Arruda 2011-03-16 19:32
:D Very good your post here. May Christ use you pastor Labib to help some of us to see things as they really are.
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