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    God vs Allah

    There is only one true God, who revealed Himself in the Bible, through His prophets. And if we
    compare between the God of the Christians, and Allah of the Muslims, we will see a lot of differences.

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God & Allah

Is Islam a heavenly religion?


Q1. Is Islam a heavenly religion?


Well, we have to think about religions as a thing that nobody can dismiss. The pagans have their own gods, the Jews believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and Christians, of course, believe in the same God. The story is that when God wanted to reveal himself to men, he chose Abraham. And through Abraham he had Isaac; through Isaac he had Jacob; through Jacob he sent the people of Israel to Egypt. He brought them back by Moses, and Judaism started at that time. God gave the Jewish people His law, revealed Himself to them, and His revelation was magnificent, because He appeared to them in a pillar of fire at night, a pillar of cloud in the morning, and from there Judaism began. In that religion He gave them the offerings, He gave them the prophets and prophetesses, and it was a preparation for the final religion that will come, which is Christianity. Because Christianity is based on Judaism. All the offerings in the Old Testament refer to Jesus Christ, the only offerings, the Lamb of God. He was the burned offering, He was the sin offering, He was the peace offering. He completed in Himself and in His death on the cross, all the offerings of the Old Testament. Prophets came, and they gave details about Jesus Christ, His blessed birth, His virgin birth, His crucifixion, His burial, His resurrection, His ascension. Then religion was completed. Judaism is the foundation, Christianity is the building upon this foundation.

Now when we come to Islam, why for? For what reason? How could Islam say that it is a divine religion? There was no former preparation for Islam. God did not reveal any prophecies in the whole Bible concerning Mohammed or concerning Islam. And why Islam at all? If the building is complete, we have the foundation is Judaism, we have the building in Christianity, Jesus was the final revelation of God to mankind. And we read here, in the book of Hebrews, and I want to read it from here, in the book of Hebrews chapter 1, the words here are very clear about Jesus Christ as the final revelation of God to mankind. "God who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the father by the prophets. Had in these last days spoken to us by his Son." So if God had spoken to us by His Son, why would He send a servant after that? Islam is not a divine religion. No foundation for it, no prophecies about it, it is not a divine religion.


+1 #19 Lola 2016-06-29 06:29
Love your neighbor
Love God

Yeshua made it very simple to understand, yet we continue to struggle with these two commandments. Yeshua knew with would have difficulties dealing with these two simple commandments. So he told us what to expect in the last days.

Only fools would deny that something is seriously wrong globally with this world. There are a lot of fools out there.

The mantra of this confused world is materialism which is fueled by greed.
+3 #18 Maddie 2016-04-27 23:08
I agree with Elijah. It's like they kind of skipped over the most important part of the answer. I need more! This doesn't really help me at all.
+1 #17 Michaela 2016-04-27 22:16
As a Christian, I actually have a high respect for the Islamic faith. Muslims aren't afraid to declare their faith. They pray five times a day. Their clothes show everyone around them what they believe. That said, I don't share similar beliefs. There are many parallels between christianity and Islam, but Mohammed was never brought up in the Bible. I think it is a heavenly religion to the Muslims. What really makes a religion "heavenly"?
+3 #16 Elijah Ehr 2016-04-27 18:45
I do not think that this really answered the question. When I read the question I thought that they were going to talk about the afterlife. They compared the gods, but not the heavens.
+2 #15 Zachary 2016-04-27 17:50
Interesting comments made here! I believe you are missing Islam's argument here. Islam, from what I understand, claims to be an extension parralell to Christianity. Not to say an alternate reality, but more of a correction. Whether I agree or not, I believe that would be an important topic to bring into this article. However, you made many good points! Thank you for this insight.
0 #14 Mohammad 2015-11-06 09:56
What !! Who told you that .. our religion is not as what are the most of the people says .. we pray 5 times but who dont pray is a muslim too ..
the issue is to know what is the real religion the is from the real god .. not to say wrong things about sect of people .. becouse and as you know we are all humans .. Peace, mercy and blessings of allah
0 #13 Jbil 2015-07-29 05:33
Hannes Viljoen, Do you have proof? There is no concrete evidence that Islam came directly from God. Then why Mohammed stands between you and Allah. Is there any evidence Mohammed met Allah. As per Mohammed himself he was possessed with the evil spirit. In fact Jesus performed many miracles. He Healed the sick and prophesied. He knew his death and Resurrection. He knew false prophet like Mohammed will appear on this earth. The bigger the lie the more likely people will believe it. Alas That's what you are doing it. You don't even know your religion, How will you know good and evil. God bless you.
+3 #12 Jbil 2015-07-29 05:12
Mohammed,It seems you have earthly wisdom and talking like worldly matter. God is creator of every thing in the universe including human being. Therefor we claim he is also your and our father. It does not mean he should be married to a woman and give birth through her. He is the Creator. In heaven there is no marriage like on earth. Jesus is GOD himself taken a human form came to this earth for our salvation. He showed us the way of goodness to receive salvation. Better read the Bible as well as Quoran so that you will understand which is the True word of God and Truth will set you free. Mohammed has misguided millions of people. He has mostly spoken with human wisdom and not understood the spiritual wisdom. He himself lived a filthy life and you trust him as a prophet. Better do the thorough research to find the Truth.
0 #11 Kojo 2015-07-27 04:07
Because the Old Testament talked about the old covenant GOD had with HIS people, when HE gave Moses the Torah that nobody has been able to obey throughout their lifetime not even Moses (Because he struck his staff at the rock instead of commanding it with the rod) except CHRIST; whilst, the New Testament talks of the new covenant which Prophet Isaiah, Prophet Jeremiah etc. talked about that GOD was going to establish by giving HIS children a shortcut to HEAVEN where they would be expected to obey all the laws of the Torah, which they wouldn't be able to (ask yourself why GOD hasn't sent the consuming fire HE used to consume those who sinned against HIM like HE did during the time of Moses) because of the things that surrounds us in order to be able to be with HIM in HEAVEN, not having to kills goats and rams for atonement but by only believing in JESUS CHRIST as the final sacrifice for atonement of GOD for mankind's sins. That is why CHRIST said only HE(CHRIST) is the way to GOD.
0 #10 Kojo 2015-07-27 03:53
So what about Peter who was with CHRIST? Didn't he also play a role in Christianity? Wasn't he with CHRIST?
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