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God vs Allah

There is only one true God, who revealed Himself in the Bible, through His prophets. And if we compare between the God of the Christians, and Allah of the Muslims, we will see a lot of differences.

God & Allah

Is Islam a heavenly religion?


Q1. Is Islam a heavenly religion?


Well, we have to think about religions as a thing that nobody can dismiss. The pagans have their own gods, the Jews believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and Christians, of course, believe in the same God. The story is that when God wanted to reveal himself to men, he chose Abraham. And through Abraham he had Isaac; through Isaac he had Jacob; through Jacob he sent the people of Israel to Egypt. He brought them back by Moses, and Judaism started at that time. God gave the Jewish people His law, revealed Himself to them, and His revelation was magnificent, because He appeared to them in a pillar of fire at night, a pillar of cloud in the morning, and from there Judaism began. In that religion He gave them the offerings, He gave them the prophets and prophetesses, and it was a preparation for the final religion that will come, which is Christianity. Because Christianity is based on Judaism. All the offerings in the Old Testament refer to Jesus Christ, the only offerings, the Lamb of God. He was the burned offering, He was the sin offering, He was the peace offering. He completed in Himself and in His death on the cross, all the offerings of the Old Testament. Prophets came, and they gave details about Jesus Christ, His blessed birth, His virgin birth, His crucifixion, His burial, His resurrection, His ascension. Then religion was completed. Judaism is the foundation, Christianity is the building upon this foundation.

Now when we come to Islam, why for? For what reason? How could Islam say that it is a divine religion? There was no former preparation for Islam. God did not reveal any prophecies in the whole Bible concerning Mohammed or concerning Islam. And why Islam at all? If the building is complete, we have the foundation is Judaism, we have the building in Christianity, Jesus was the final revelation of God to mankind. And we read here, in the book of Hebrews, and I want to read it from here, in the book of Hebrews chapter 1, the words here are very clear about Jesus Christ as the final revelation of God to mankind. "God who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the father by the prophets. Had in these last days spoken to us by his Son." So if God had spoken to us by His Son, why would He send a servant after that? Islam is not a divine religion. No foundation for it, no prophecies about it, it is not a divine religion.

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