• Is Bible God's Word?

    Is Bible God's Word?

    A debate between Deedat and Swaggart discussing hot issue
    in Christian Muslim Dialogue: Is Bible God's Word?

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Brimingham 2000 - SA vs Students

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  • Brimingham 2000 - SA vs Students


0 #1 Farid 2013-07-08 18:10
Shabir Ally and other Muslim debates can turn and twist the arguments all they wish, but the question and its answer remain:

If Islam is the true way, then shouldn't Muslims be among the best and most upstanding people in the world?

Yes, they should, but they are, in fact, among the most corrupt and worst people in the world. There countries are examples of the moral failures that exists within their religion. Unlike Christians, they have had well-over a thousand years to show themselves better because of their religion -- the exact opposite is apparent. While Christians have built and started ten of thousands of hospitals and schools in countries around the world, feeding the poor and caring for people of all religions, Muslims have warred and killed and subjected other peoples to their religion and to their corrupt society.
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