Chapter 6: Muhammad's Death

The final days of Muhammad arrived.  He had gained total control of the Arabian peninsula and made the Kaaba in Mecca the only holy shrine to be acknowledged, although there were many other Kaabas in Arabia.

In the tenth year after the Hijra, Muhammad made his farewell pilgrimage to Mecca.  Soon after his return to Al-Madina, he fell ill.  Two verses in the Quran refer to his death:

Writing about Muhammad's death, Al-Baidawi, the great expositor of the Quran, said:

Finally on June 632 A.D., death came to Muhammad in the room of his wife Aisha as he rested on her lap.  He was sixty-three years old.  Aisha was only sixteen years old.

Muhammad's Death Compared to That of Moses [TOP]

It is said that a grave was dug in that very place, and in it the prophet of Islam was buried.  Later a mosque was built and Muhammad's grave became a place of pilgrimage in Al-Madina.

Now, we realize a great difference between Muhammad's death and burial and Moses' death and burial.  Moses died when he was one hundred and twenty years old.  The Bible says:

Muhammad died when he was sixty-three years old with four of his front teeth broken.

Moses died according to the word of the Lord.  His funeral was and angelic funeral (Jude 9).  The Lord himself buried him in Moab and no one knows where his grave is.

Muhammad, poisoned by a woman whose father, uncle and brother had been killed by him, died on the lap of a woman.  His grave is for pilgrims to visit in Al-Madina.

Concerning the Tomb of Jesus Christ, we read the words of the angel to Mary Magdalene and the other Mary who came with her to see the tomb:

Here is the great difference between Jesus Christ, who died to save those who believe in Him and rose again, victorious over death, and Muhammad who was poisoned and defeated by death.

The Quran records the death of Muhammad and his followers:

Jesus Christ says to His followers:

Christians believe in a living Savior.