Chapter 3: Muhammad's Wives

After the death of Khadija, his wife of almost twenty years, and after proclaiming himself the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad unleashed his sexual desires and in a span of ten years he married fourteen wives in addition to his many concubines.  Not one of them was mentioned in the Quran by name, for Islam has no regard for women.  They were, however, mentioned in Muhammad's biography written by Ibn Hesham.

Before we mention the wives of Muhammad, we have to remember the words of the Quran concerning Muhammad.

So, if Muhammad married all these wives without any sense of guilt, a good Muslim can marry four women without any sense of quilt.  Muhammad is his excellent example.
A Washington Post Parade Magazine reporter printed a column entitled "Sex in Saudi Arabia."  Here is that column.

We then asked if it is true that Moslems by law and tradition are permitted to have only four wives - admittedly a far cry from 300.

Gray contends that many Saudi men are obsessed with sex  because Islamic law segregates the sexes so strictly.  Saudi women must wear veils and avoid the society of men.  Adultery is punishable by death.  Premarital sex is so taboo that later, after a man marries, he often has a compulsion to engage in sexual relations as frequently as he can manage.  Gray writes in his book that many male Saudis consider themselves impotent if  cannot indulge in sexual intercourse more than two or three times a day.

One of Gray's must illustrious patients was Prince  Ibrahim Mugrin el-Kabir, who had fought alongside Ibn Saud early in the century.  The prince complained of "decreasing sexual prowess" and explained that he had fathered no offspring for five years.  He demanded improvement of his waning potency, but-at 90-age was against him.  He soon died, leaving an estate valued at $32 billion, which was divided among his four wives, 23   sons and 11 daughters (Washington Post Parade Magazine, November 13, 1983, page 9).

These people and many more are just following Muhammad's excellent example.

There is a story related to every wife of Muhammad but space only allows us to mention the most interesting one.

Muhammad Married A Six Year Old Child [TOP]

Aisha, daughter of Abu-Bakr was a beautiful little girl.  Muhammad married her when he was fifty three years old and she was only six years old.  He had intercourse with her when she was nine years old. (Wives of the Prophet, pages 57-61).

This is a gross case of child abuse by the prophet of Islam.

When Muhammad married Aisha, he set an example for the Muslims.  To this day older Muslim men marry much younger girls, following Muhammad's example.

The Egyptian weekly magazine Almussawar printed a letter sent to Ameenah Al-Saaeed, one of its editors, from a woman who was a teacher of languages in Egypt.  The letter appeared in the September 6, 1991 issue.  Here is a part of that letter:

Dear mother Ameenah Al-Saaeed:

Muhammad Sobhi Alantabli, a high ranking police officer, sent a letter to the same editor, which was printed in Almussawar magazine in the December 20, 1991 issue.  Here is a part of that letter:

Muhammad Married His Daughter-In-Law [TOP]

Zainab, daughter of Gahsh.

Dr. Aisha Abd-Alrahman cited in her book, Wives of the Prophets, page 130, what Al-Tabari, the great Muslim expositor, wrote concerning that marriage with Zainab:

Zaid was one of the first persons who accepted Islam.  When Zaid came of age to be married, Muhammad chose for him "Zainab,"  Muhammad's cousin.  Zainab was a beautiful Hashemite woman of high rank, but Zaid was a slave freed by Muhammad.  So Zainabe rejected Muhammad's proposal to marry Zaid.  In order to achieve his purpose, and to convince Zainab to marry Zaid, a revelation was given to Muhammad from Allah.

Facing that so called divine revelation, Zainab submitted to Muhammad's decision and married Zaid.
One day Muhammad went to visit Zaid.  Zainab was in her room wearing her nightgown, the wind moving the drape hanging at the door.  Muhammad saw his daughter-in-law and his heart was moved by her beauty.  She asked him to come in.  He refused and went talking to himself in a loud voice saying "Praise be Allah who changes hearts."  When Zaid came home Zainab told him about Muhammad's visit and what he said.  Zaid went to Muhammad and asked him "Shall I divorce Zainab?"  "Retain her as your wife," Muhammad answered.  After that day Zainab treated her husband, Zaid, harshly and with no respect.  He could not take it any more, so he divorced her.

It was very difficult situation for Muhammad.  He had a great desire for Zainab and he wanted to marry her, but she was his daughter-in-law.

Muhammad needed help and that help must come from his Allah. At last help came in a revelation brought by the spirit who appeared to him at the cave of Hira, in the following verses recorded in the Quran.

(The whole story is written in Wives of the Prophet, pages 127- 140.)

Muslim commentators tried very hard to justify that marriage but in vain.  For Muhammad to marry his daughter-in-law was a disgrace.

Analysis of Muhammad's Marriage to His Daughter-in-Law [TOP]

First:  Since that marriage was planned by Allah and Muhammad, we would rightly expect that the married couple couple would live happily ever after.  Instead, that marriage turned out to be a very miserable marriage.
Second:  Muhammad claimed that he counseled with Allah before they (he and Allah) made the decision that Zainab should marry Zaid.  But we read in the pure word of God:
When Muhammad claimed that he counseled with Allah he made
himself equal to Allah.
Third:  When Muhammad made the decision that Zainab should marry Zaid, so he could demonstrate that in Islam there is no difference between the rich and the poor, the slave and the free, he did not care care about Zainab's happiness and satisfaction.  Muhammad's decision regarding that marriage turned into a failure.
Fourth:  When Muhammad lusted after his daughter-in-law, he opened the door for any Muslim man to lust after the wife of his friend and marry her after she is divorced.

God's command says:

let alone, your daughter-in-law.

Fifth:  In light of Jesus' words, Muhammad is considered an adulterer, because he married a divorced woman.

Jesus Christ said:

Sixth:  Muhammad mocked Allah and used his name to satisfy his sinful desire when he claimed that Allah joined him in marriage to Zainab.  God never commanded anything against His word.  No wonder that his wife Aisha said to him when she knew that he married Zainab:

In the name of Allah, Muhammad committed all his gross sins.
For Muhammad to claim that Allah joined him in marriage to Zainab is an insult to the word and holiness of God.
Let us record the rest of the list of Muhammad's wives:

There are five other wives who are not mentioned by Ibn Hesham,

Added to these fourteen wives were many concubines and many women who were taken captive during his battles.

Jesus Is The Best Example [TOP]

If Muhammad had come before Christ, we might have accepted this kind of polygamy.  For King Solomon married 700 wives, and he had 300 concubines.  Other patriarchs like Abraham and David married more than one wife.  But none of them married more than one wife by God's command.  In fact, the Bible says that king Solomon ended his life shamefully because of those wives and concubines (I Kings 11:1-10).  The Bible declares that polygamy was always a cause of misery and disaster.  But Muhammad claimed falsely that he married all those wives by Allah's command and for humanitarian and political reasons.

The fact is that Jesus Christ came six hundred years before Muhammad.  He is the gold standard and his word is the absolute standard by which we measure any kind of behavior.  This is what he said:

Moreover, we read in the New Testament:

One woman for one man at one time, that is what God planned when he created Eve for Adam.  That is what the Holy Bible, the infallible word of God, teaches.  And that is the gold and absolute standard.

Muhammad violated the law of God and married all those women, claiming falsely that he married them by Allah's command.  Even though he declares in his Quran that a Muslim can marry only four women at one time, he gave himself the privilege of marrying fourteen women demonstrating that he is above the law of Allah.
Moreover he says in his Quran that he can marry any woman who offers herself to him and this privilege is reserved for him only (Surat Al-Ahzab 33:50).

According to the Quran, marrying many women was a privilege for the Prophet of Islam.

What a Prophet!