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    Quran's Mistakes

    There are many errors in the Quran; many, many, many errors in the Quran. And I say that from
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Q14 Host: Is the Koran inspired by the Holy Spirit?


Dr. Labib: Well, I'll tell you the story of the Koran. Mohammed was married to Khadiga. Khadiga's cousin, his name is Waraka Ebin Nawfal, Waraka the son of Nawfal. He was the bishop of the Ebionite cult, a Christian cult, in Mecca. And he befriended Mohammed, after he married Khadiga. Khadiga was 40 years old and Mohammed was 25 years old. Of course, he married her because of her prestige, her wealth, and she really gave him great comfort. And Mohammed used to go with Waraka to the cave of Hera, outside Mecca, and Waraka discipled Mohammed. Well, the Ebionites do not believe in the whole Bible, and he dictated to him the beliefs of the Ebionites. Then one day, Mohammed was by himself in the cave of Hera, and a spirit appeared to him. And then the spirit squeezed him, and he said, "Read." Well, according to the Koran, Mohammed was illiterate. He said, "I can't read." Then the spirit squeezed him again, and said, "Read." Mohammed was scared. He was afraid he might die because of this very hard squeezing. And he answered again, "I cannot read." And the spirit tightened his squeeze on Mohammed and said, "Read." Mohammed, fearing that he might die said, "What shall I read?" Well now, he told him, "Read in the name of your Lord who created man from a clot," and so on and so forth. Mohammed went scared to Khadiga. And he said, "Khadiga, that is the story. I am afraid. I am possessed. I don't know who appeared to me." Khadiga took Mohammed to her cousin, Waraka, and Waraka said to him, "You are the prophet of Arabia." So Mohammed was declared prophet by a bishop of a cult, a Christian cult. Now, who is that spirit who squeezed Mohammed? That is a good question, because that spirit is the one that gave him the Koran. After all, Mohammed said that that spirit is Gabriel, the angel. Well, when I read that I said, "Gabriel, the angel?" Gabriel the angel appeared to Daniel, in the book of Daniel. And Daniel was afraid. What did he say to him? "Daniel do not be afraid." Gabriel appeared to Zechariah in the temple. He was troubled and was afraid. What did he say? "Zechariah do not be afraid." Well, Gabriel appeared to Mary, the mother of Jesus. She was troubled. What did he say? "Mary, do not be afraid." When he appeared to Mohammed, if he was Gabriel, we would have expected that the first thing he would say to Mohammed would be, "Mohammed, don't be afraid." But that didn't happen. Mohammed went trembling, scared, fearful, terrified, to his wife, and he said, "A spirit came to me and squeezed me." If that was Gabriel, he would have said, "Do not be afraid," but he didn't.

So what is this spirit who came to Mohammed? We have the right to ask this question. For us, if we compare that spirit to the angel Gabriel in the Bible it is not Gabriel. Then, this spirit must be a strange spirit. And I think because of that, he gave Mohammed a lot of revelation that contradicts in full detail what the Bible had said. And if the God of the Bible is true, and He is, He will never contradict Himself. So if there is contradiction between the Koran and the Bible, we believe the Bible, especially because in Surat Yunus, [surah 10:94] in the Koran, there is a verse in the Koran that says to Mohammed, "If you are in doubt, Mohammed, about the revelation I am giving to you ask of those who read the Bible before you." So it is the Bible, as the only authority to go to, to confer what is true and what is wrong. And when we read in the Koran one thing after another that contradicts the Bible, especially, and I repeat, especially the denial of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, which is the core and the heart of Christianity. The Koran, is not inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Surat YUNUS - 94

YUSUFALI: If thou wert in doubt as to what We have revealed unto thee, then ask those who have been reading the Book from before thee: the Truth hath indeed come to thee from thy Lord: so be in no wise of those in doubt.
PICKTHAL: And if thou (Muhammad) art in doubt concerning that which We reveal unto thee, then question those who read the Scripture (that was) before thee. Verily the Truth from thy Lord hath come unto thee. So be not thou of the waverers.
SHAKIR: But if you are in doubt as to what We have revealed to you, ask those who read the Book before you; certainly the truth has come to you from your Lord, therefore you should not be of the disputers.


0 #1 Edson Siwella 2015-11-21 21:51
Identifying the non-Holy Spirit authorship of the Koran is half the job. Question is "Who then was that 'spirit' who "inspired the man?
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