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Miracles in the Koran


Q6. Host: Do the Muslims claim that there are miracles in the Koran?


Dr. Labib: This is it! This is what the Muslims are saying: if there is a miracle, it is the Koran itself. My answer is: the Koran is written in Arabic. If you take this Koran and go to England, for instance, or France, or Germany, and say to a German, or British, or Swiss, or whatever, "This book is a miracle!" Would he agree? If I don't understand a miracle, how could I say it is? Any book in the book cannot be a miracle. This is number one.

Number two: The Koran is full of grammatical mistakes, historical mistakes, you know, even moral mistakes. When we read in Surat Al Nissa in the Koran, marry of the women, as much as you like, two, or three, or four. What does that mean? It means that women have no value. It means that women are object of sex, that's it! A man cannot love four women at one time. He cannot do that. You see, even when we go to the Old Testament, and Jacob was forced to marry Leah, before Rachel, he loved Rachel, because that was the love of his life. He loved Rachel! He doesn't want Leah! Leah was given to him against his will. But there the thing it is, Mohammed would say, "Go and marry, two, three, or four." What kind of book is that? What kind of a book? To give the man the right to marry two, or three, or four.

And again, when we come to the Koran, we will see that Mohammed put himself above the law, which he said, "That it is the law of God," or the law of Allah, is the accurate word, because the Allah of the Koran said, "Marry two, or three, or four." Does that apply to Mohammed? It should, because God cannot give one standard to me, and one standard to you. God cannot contradict himself. But what happened, Mohammed married nine, some people say 14, and this is against the very clear commandment of the Koran itself. How come that a prophet will put himself above the law that he says Allah has given to him? If Allah said two, or three, or four, then you have only the right to marry, two, or three, or four. But to marry nine? This is against the will of God. Not only that. In Surat Al Ahdab the Koran is saying, if a woman who is a believer, gives herself to Mohammed, he can marry her, as the Koran says, "Mohammed, this is a privilege to you, not for all Muslims," as if God is given Mohammed the privilege of marrying any woman, any woman, without counting, without number. If any woman would say, "Well, I love you Mohammed, and I want to marry you." And he would say, "And I love you, and I marry you," and that's it! And how could that be the privilege of the prophet? Is the privilege of the prophet is to marry, and to marry, and to marry any number of women? How could we accept that?

So, when you look at the Koran from that viewpoint, and the prophethood of Mohammed, you have all the right to doubt.