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Quran's Mistakes

There are many errors in the Quran; many, many, many errors in the Quran. And I say that from a ten-feet view point. For instance, when the Quran said that the earth was flat, that was a mistake.

Bible & Quran

Quran's Alteration


Q4. Host: Has the Quran ever been altered or changed? (2:07)


Dr. Labib: Oh, yes, it was altered and changed. They have seven Qurans. You see, seven editions if I might call it. And in the days of the Kalif Ottoman, every edition was given to a country. And there was a big confusion because of the seven editions and the differences between them. Then someone came to Kalif Ottoman and said, "Listen, there is a great confusion concerning the Quran. What should we do?" Then the Kalif Ottoman did this: he brought some scribes and he said to them, "Take these seven Qurans, and then go and write a new one. And if you disagree among yourselves about any verse in the Quran, write it in the language of Kouriash, because the Quran was given to Mohammed in the language of Kouriash. Well, there is time to write a new Quran, all together." And they wrote the Quran. What did Ottoman do? If he was really a man of reality, he would have kept the other original editions, so history could go back to it. You know, we have the Kodesses that go back to 350. We have the Septemium, we have the translation of the Bible. We didn't burn our Bible. We have the original of it. But he took the other editions and burned them all!

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