Guarantee of eternal life

Q10. Does The Quran guarantee eternal life in Heaven to the Muslims?


Eternal life. Well, the Quran is very emphatic in telling the Muslim that every Muslim will enter hell. And I said that to many of the Muslims in my discussions with them. I really I am amazed, "How come that you would embrace a religion who will not give you the assurance of eternal life?" And I ask the many Muslims, and you can do the same. And they will confess that, "Are you sure that when die, as a Muslim, will you go to be with God, in Heaven? Are you sure of that?" No Muslim have that kind of assurance. No Muslim, because the Quran doesn't give this assurance to any Muslim. And then the Quran, in very plain words, you see, says that every Muslim, every Muslim must enter hell. Every Muslim. And that is in surat Mariam, surat number 19, and I want to read that for you, from there. Surat number 19, in the Quran, and we read the words, in verse 66, "And a man says, when I am dead, shall I then be raised up alive? Does not man, remember, that we created him before, while he was nothing? So by your lord, surely we shall gather them, human beings, together, and also the devil." Human beings and the devil will be gathered, and also the devil with them. "Then we shall bring them round hell, on their knees." Allah is saying we shall gather human beings with the devil, and we shall bring them round hell, on their knees. And then, it is said in verse 71, in the very same surat, "There is not one of you that will pass over hell." If we want the accurate meaning, there is no one of you but will enter hell. Passover, this is not a literal translation at all. There is no one, there is not one of you that will pass over hell. This is with your lord, a decree which must be accomplished." What does this mean? God must send every Muslim to hell. Of course, when you come to the clerics and ask them, "What do you think about that?" and they say, "Yes. Every Muslim will go to hell for a time until he serves his time, and then he'll go to paradise." But according to the Quran, anyone who will enter hell, he will be eternally there." The Quran says that! When anyone enters hell, he will be there eternally. There is no assurance for eternal life in the Quran.

On the other hand, when you come to Jesus Christ, and the gospel of John 5:24, "if anyone hears my voice, and believes on the one who sent me, he'll have eternal life" He will not come to judgment. He is transferred from this to life. Assurance. Assurance. The disciples came to Jesus rejoicing. All, even Satan, obey the commandment when we tell them to get out of any possessed person. And Jesus said, "Do not rejoice because Satan is under your authority. Rejoice because your names are written in Heaven. Rejoice because you have eternal life. That is the most important." So when you go to the New Testament, and you go to the Quran, in the Quran there is no assurance whatsoever, to any Muslim of going to paradise or to Heaven after death. On the other hand, in the New Testament, it is a guarantee. If you believe with your heart, that Jesus Christ died for you on the cross of Calvary, receive Him as the only begotten Son who died on your behalf, you'll receive eternal life immediately, and it will be eternal. That is the difference between the two.


0 # Jeevan 2010-12-30 16:49
8) datz was awsum.... ;-)
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+1 # daniel 2011-05-10 13:15
it is very obvious that the quoran is replete with errors and contradictions.Amazingly,it recognises the worship of angels and objects as symbolised in the kaa'ba.I pray that Jesus in HIS infinite grace and truth will come to salvage their hell-bent souls to the glory of HIS name.
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-5 # ibrahim 2012-10-11 10:27
do u belive jesus is god, read the bible througly and u find the coming of mohammed.
donot workshippping false god.
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-2 # GA 2012-09-01 14:49
This is not true. dnt make up stories. yu have simply enjoined two different verses with different background. every being will be judged and sent to heaven or hell depending on deeds. why r u misleading ppl? come up with something more sane. I m a muslim and i know i ll be judged for what i do in life.. get a life moderator , talk some sense
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-1 # Waqas Ahmed 2012-09-30 18:14
Lol what r u talking about man. U r trying to manipulate the people here. What u said is true to some extent. Concept of he'll and heaven is that u do good deeds u go to heaven. U do bad deed u go to he'll. If every1 would understand that and follow it there would b a lot less crimes in the world. Let me tell u even u r Christian u will also go to heaven if u do good deeds and keep following Christ. And people who go to he'll will 1 day go to heave after their punishment. U go toCchurch and confess then u believe u r sin free. That is good 1.
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+5 # Abd 2012-11-26 19:04

Tell us where in the Bible you find the coming of Mouhammad? Sorry to disappoint you, there is no reference to any prophet from God in the Bible who is from Arabia.
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